Looking for drama recommendations (35+)


I have recently realized that I no more have the patience for stories revolving around young people (teens and undergrads), especially if love is the center of the drama I want to watch more Asian dramas with leading actors/actresses portraying 35yrs ~ characters (closer to 40yrs than the 20yrs). Or maybe, with a significant supporting role

I’m failing to find them by myself. Maybe, you guys can help me find what I’m after. I started to watch “Cheat on Me, If You Can” which I took part in the subtitling Brazilian team, and “Midas” which I made only 2 parts so far, but I saw enough to give it a try when finished.

It doesn’t need to be recent. Korean, Chinese, Japanese, others, I don’t mind. Do you have a recommendation for me?


I have not watched that one, but I started watching Asian drama in my late 30’s, so maybe I can help out.

I made a collection, you might want to check out:

Here are some dramas I can no longer add to a collection, no access. Check if it works for you. It’s quite a mix, any questions don’t be afraid to ask.


Here are some that come to my mind.

A Gentleman’s Dignity - The main characters are 4 men in their late 30s or early 40s.
All About Romance - The male lead is a bit older.
A New Leaf - The male lead is a bit older, and is a great actor.
Angry Mom - The female lead is a mother of a teenager.
Golden Time - It’s a medical drama, and one of the main doctor is older. Not a love story, but still a great drama.
Queen Seondeok - I really think the older female antagonist, Misil, is the actual main lead in this drama, rather than the younger Queen Seondeok.
City Hall - Both leads are a bit older.

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Here are a few more.

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OMG! Thank you so munch! I’ve only heard of a few. This is a gold mine! I’m going to check them all for sure. I’m so happy! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


si te gustan los dramas de misterios te puedo recomendar GUARDIAN, EL SONIDO DE LA PROVIDENCIA; EL DETECTIVE DE LA DISNATIA QUIN.

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Secret Love Affair (beautiful, beautiful series, with outstanding acting!)
Memory (with my favourite Korean actor. Lee Sang Min, giving a sensational performance)
Love in the Afternoon (not on Viki, but you can find it easily).
Good Manager (the drama we all have been calling Chief Kim)
My Wife is going to have an affair this week. Adult, compassionate drama with another awesome actor, Lee Sun Gyun.
Incomplete Life (Misaeng), arguably the best drama of all times, with wonderful Lee Sang Min and Im Siwan who took everyone by storm in his first acting part.
Ms Temper and Nam Yung Gi. Powerful drama on self-realization and dignity. One of
Yoon Sang Hyun
's best roles.
Dr. Romantic (what we always called Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim). There is a youngish couple around their thirties, but the drama revolves on Dr. Kim who is middle-aged.
My Mister. Again Lee Sung Gyun (I definitely love the guy). Yes, technically there is a young girl in the plot, but she’s not your average girl, she’s a tough nut.
Yu Na’s Street. None of the actors are young, and surely their problems and vicissitudes are not about crushes and stuff. An ensemble masterpiece where the main character encounters a motley of scarred people, neither of whom is completely nice, but who all have lots of redeeming qualities and by the end of the series you have come to love. Warmly recommended, you’ll be glad you watched it.
Birthcare Center. A perfect drama that makes no mistakes, a must-watch for every parent or everyone who is thinking of becoming one. Well-rounded characters, everyone with their story, great progression and important realizations along the way. Oh, I cannot describe well why I loved it, but I did.

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#1 Two great actors/ adults/ awesome love story

I heard good things about this drama but sadly I don’t like the male actor

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omo same…I love dramas with older characters because the younger ones just seem too shallow…this topic is a total gold mine for me too! :heart_eyes: @lutra, thanks for the awesome collection!
I obviously cant’ add to many to this but here (sorry if I’ve repeated anything, I tried hard to make sure):

Law dramas:

  1. Lot’s of action, a little, well-done romance-- total power couple, wonderful supporting cast, super, sUPER villain:
  1. Romantic comedy, hilarious team, steamy romance, crime with a psychopath:
  1. More rom-com than action, funny and sweet, again, wonderful lawyer team and supporting cast:

Military Action, Comedy, Romance, extREMELY good supporting cast and romances:

One more rom-com, but breaks a lot of cliche romance tropes…the proposal is :heart_eyes: very good supporting cast:

Not on Viki but the storyline is pretty good: Dinner Mate starring Song Seung Hoon, where a man and woman who don’t know anything about each other meet by fate and decide to just eat dinner together and spill their respective problems without even knowing each other’s identities or jobs.

Do you want only romances? Because this one doesn’t have any, but amazing leads, crime, hilariously amazing con-artist team who are sooo loyal to each other like a family:

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