Looking for English Editor for "Totally Spies - Season 1" [THE SHOW DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE]

Hi everyone,

I am looking for English Editor who can listen English well, and can help me to edit them to make sure the English sub is in a good shape.

If you can do it, hope you contact me soon !

Thanks guys.


I would like help, but I would only be a part-time editor. Is that okay?

Same here, I can converse in English fluently.

if you’re still looking for people I would like to help.

Native English speaker looking for shows that need an English editor.

I can help out. I am a retired College Prof. Just instruct me on how to do it

I can help. English is my first language and I’m Canadian :slight_smile:

I’ve also added you to the English Editors’ thread here.
By the way, “Totally spies - Seasons 1” does not even exist on Viki. If it did, it must have been taken down. You should look at the date of the posts, this one is quite old, since 2014.
I just put a note on the thread title so that other people don’t get confused as well.

i would like to help

You obviously didn’t look at the title or at the last post. The show is no longer on Viki.