Looking for project to start segmenting

I’m injustjce and I’ve worked on Viki for little more than a year now.
I would like to participate in some projects in the segmenting team, but I need projects where experience is not required, ad I’ve never done it before! :cry:
So if you have some projects like that, may I ask you to let me know and see if I can join you?? :blush: :see_no_evil:

Injustjce - Francy

You don’t have experience in dramas which is okay, but you mean you’ve also not had any training in segmenting, right?
I doubt that a Channel Manager would risk giving this position to someone who doesn’t know how to do it or has only watched the training videos. I had also watched all the videos, repeatedly, before starting with the NSSA segmenting academy, and I watched them again during the training. And yet, although I gave it my best, the teachers kept finding mistakes, again and again. It took me three months to be able to produce decent segments.
As a segment fixer, I have had to spend many long, tiring and boring hours repairing segments done by people who didn’t know how. It was terrible, and most of us will agree that it’s easier to do them from scratch rather than repairing them (in some cases this is not possible because there are subtitles on them which you don’t want to eliminate).

So please consider getting proper training before starting.