Looking for Revenge/some Romance drama recommendations

I’m slowly starting to get back into watching dramas. I recently finished Spring Waltz after dropping it half way months ago and decided to watch something similar to I’m Sorry, I Love You (one of my favs).

Any recommendations similar to ISILY? What I’d like to watch: revenge, some romance that isn’t lovey dovey, but more realistic, a dark atmosphere, and intense emotions. The recommendations can be Jdramas, Kdramas, Cdramas, Thai laikorns, and any other drama from another country, really. I don’t watch American shows anymore.

Dramas similar to ISILY that I’ve watched (and really liked):
Bad Guy
That Winter, the Wind Blows
The Innocent Man (this is the exception, I didn’t like this one as much)
A Love to Kill
What Happened in Bali (although this is less revenge and more dark atmosphere and intense emotions)
Zeni Geba (revenge against the rich/money, dark atmosphere, romance was only a means for the end)
Karamazov no Kyodai (more dark atmosphere/psychological than romance, but it has revenge against a parent)

Thanks for reading!

This is not the revenge genre, but it has a dark atmosphere, maybe you have seen it already?

This one is kind of really heavy because there are many scared people. It’s not action driven, but one that keeps your mind busy and your heart hurting.

A woman taking revenge on her husband.

Not really revenge, but driven by a pace similar to a revenge drama, if you haven’t watched it yet, and in need of a filler between all the revenge dramas. Try it.

Yet another, not really revenge drama, but more at the mystical side. A drama about regrets, a drama about bonds, … It really had me on my toes. A drama about lost souls, whom’s lives were taken, and they are waiting for their time to come and rest in peace. It’s not as gloomy as it may sound.

So finally a drama you could say on the level of ISILY, if you have not watched it, try it.

If you ever watched Lakorn (Thai-Drama) you might get the gist of this story. The ML is out to hurt and take revenge on the FL and the FL is portrait as the innocent victim, that she is.

Well it has at times ISILY vibes, so maybe you want to try it out, but it is not the ML going after the FL for revenge, that’s all I am saying, but lot of tension to offer.

One must be made for watching revenge dramas, I am not fully on board with this one, but that depends on personal taste.

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A revenge drama is Miss Montecristo. It’s a long makjang drama (soap opera, so dramatic and a bit over the top, if you like this sort of thing). 100 episodes, 95 of which have already been aired.

It’s not available for my region, but you can find it easily “elsewhere”.

It got good ratings but reviews are not good - not enough revenge, it seems.
“The Revenge seeker is wishy washy, weak and a whiner” wrote one Viki reviewer.

Here is what one MDL reviewer has to say:

after 71 episodes, not one enemy has fallen, every antagonist is serving up a great deal a nefarious dinners, which the weak, whiney, wishy washy protagonist eats every dish served from their wicked platter

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I liked this


Thank you everyone! I’ll check out the suggestions!

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Isn’t the K2 about Revenge??


The T-drama Wacko At Law fits the “Revenge Romance” theme well, I think.

Fascinating to me that it is very gentle showing the developing romance between the ML and FL, very dramatic in how it presents drama in the courtroom, and very careful to avoid gratuitous violence. Yet the themes of betrayal and revenge are very dramatically (and satisfyingly) portrayed.

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I just finished watching this drama, and I really liked it! Thank you for the recommendation! I wouldn’t have known about it since I tend to overlook newer dramas thinking that they are too predictable or not as touching as ones from earlier years. This one was great!

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I so glad that you liked :-).
I don´t know if it will be you taste, I liked very much this drama, it is a thriller, no romance and no happy end for the ML BUT it is good. See the synopsis and trailers, maybe you like.