Looking for segmenters, moderators and subtitlers for Pixel Poetry~

Hello everyone! I really need some help for a project called pixel poetry. You can check it out here: https://www.viki.com/movies/29885c-pixel-poetry

The movie is in English so it’d be a good opportunity to get your subtitle count up even if you only know English! Although it says it’s 71% subbed, not all of the video is segmented so it’s nowhere near being half subbed. So I’m looking for segmenters, moderators (of all lanaguages except Spanish) and subtitlers(of all languages) So send me a PM if you’re interested. Thank you!<3

Hello, Chanmiga.

I looked at the segments, seems like only part 1 is segmented fully. I would like to help you with segmenting. I might subtitle afterwards if I have time. I was wondering if it would be okay to extend the segments on the first part? As soon as the person stops talking, the segment stops, which makes it hard for the viewer to finish reading the subtitle. So if I extend the subtitles by a second it will help those slower readers finish the subtitles.

Let me know if you still need my help.

Can I sub in english?

Hi! If you need italian sub I can do it.