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Hi viki’s fan!

I’m looking for soundtrack of the opening of the drama Rookie Agent Rouge. I love this music in opening but with english key words on google and ytouube AND chinese words, i can’t find it :confused: Please if anyone konws, answer me here or in pm =)

Thanks ^-^

For french people:

Hello amis viki

je recherche la musique de l’opening du drama Agent Rouge Debutant. Je l’ai cherché sur google et youtube avec des mots clefs anglais et chinois et impossible de le trouver donc si vous la connaissez , je suis preneuse !

Merci à vous =)

Hi! You can find it at this Youku link:
Dong Dongdong - The Prelude of Rookie Agent Rouge.
Arranger & Singer: Dong Dongdong
Lyrics: Chen Xi

I believe it’s copyrighted in YT and hence you can’t find it there. I remember when the drama first started, I tried to upload the vids of the OST/song (so good!) but in vain. However, it’s available in some Chinese streaming sites, like the one above. Also, I do see the other OSTs on YT. I don’t know how they could… oh well :wink:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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OMG _ Thank you so much! Now I can listen it on a loop yeaaah ! =)

And the others ost of this drama are so good too, I will memorize this website (Youku) !

Have a good day ^-^

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