Looking for this Kdrama [SOLVED]


I really don’t remember much. What I do know is that it is not a recent series. I would say between 2012-2017, these last few days I have been going back as far as 2010 releases. It is set in modern day, it is a romantic comedy. There is a slight chance it might be a C-drama, but I have only recently started watching C-dramas.

The male lead was not rich, but had a good paying job, he wore suits. I believe he was kind of a workaholic and not completely socialable. Because he spent his time at work he hired someone to clean his place and cook dinner, but requested that they were not to be there when he got home. One day as the girl was cleaning, she wasn’t paying attention to the time and when the buzzer to the door goes off she panics and hides. She ended up hiding in a closet I believe over night.

As for the girl, I really don’t remember anything, except that she was really in need of a job.

There is most likely more to the series, but this is all I remember. I don’t think it was more than 25 episodes.

I am sorry that there isnt much more to go on


Np, I was the last two days analysing your description because I watched a lot of K-drama and after searching I found the most fitting drama for your description. The female lead get fired becaue of that she was really in need for job.
The drama title Radiant Office.

The scene that you describe is on episode 5. Minute 54:00

I hope this infromation will help you :grinning:



I have been going through my whole list of K & C-dramas for the past few weeks. Practically rewatching every single one. Radiant Office is near the end of my list.

Thanks again. You were a big help.


Never mind. Romance Is A Bonus Book over at Netflix came to my mind but it is so new it couldn’t be the one. I see that Radiant Office was it.


I enjoyed that one, it was cute and funny. I don’t care for that make lead though, won’t watch another one he is in.


You mean Yoon Kyun Sang ? I like him since the drama “Pinochio” and even more in “Doctors”. :star_struck: