Looking for this Kdrama [SOLVED]

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this series and I can’t for the life of me remember what it is called.

What I can recall of it, is that there is a young girl struggling with money and her roommate (I assume, could have been family) gets her a job cleaning a guys apartment. The guy had strict rules for the cleaner and that they must be out by the time he gets home. One day she was still there and she ended up hiding from him until he found her and it turned out they actually knew one another (I think it was her boss to her main job, but again I don’t remember much)

If anyone has any clue as to what drama it is, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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Well, I only know a Chinese drama, which fits to your description, “Love is the Best”. (https://mydramalist.com/7998-love-is-the-best)

Thanks for posting.

I took a quick look at the first episode and unfortunetly that is not the right one I am looking for. The male lead wasn’t rich.

But I will add it to my watch list

It doesn’t fit your description exactly, so maybe I am wrong.
The girl is living with her younger brother and his wife, but don’t get along too well.
Her friend gives her the contacts of a designer who is looking for a boarder, because he wants to save money to eventually buy the apartment. They think it’s a woman. He has very strict rules, doing recycles, taking care of the cat … She is confident, because she is a hard worker and wanna-bee writer.
Since you said it is a young woman - I still thought it could be this one:

It is definitely one I have watched. Not “Because This is My First Life” and not a C-drama, since I don’t watch C-dramas as a rule.
Let me squeeze my brain for a while, because I’ve just woken up.

Pardon my curiosity but why don’t you watch c-dramas? :slight_smile:

Because every time I’ve tried watching them (all genres), I had to stop midway. I really didn’t like them. The wooden or exaggerated acting, the shrill voices and mannerisms of the females, the childish plots and dialogues.
I was told that historicals are better so I also tried that, it was surely better than modern ones, but I couldn’t finish it either.
I suppose they just don’t click with me.

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Unfortunately, I do not know that K-drama. Actually it has not been a while that I started watching K-dramas, it has been only 2 years. But I also have a question about a 2019 k-drama I am looking for, maybe you could help me with that. I am searching in the Viki searching term for the k-drama “Her private life” but nothing appears but I am sure that I have seen it the other time. Perhaps do you guys know that it can be a temporary problem with Viki’s source?

Ah ok, yes I do agree that many of the c-dramas seems to be for a young audience.


Hi there, I found the drama on the main Viki page. Search function is working for me. Maybe it’s a temporary bug?

I spent the last day going through practically every kdrama i know of that could have resembled this and couldn’t find it. Thinking back on it, I could be describing only a few of the episodes, in which case I have no clue what the main plot was. Things I know for certain about what I remember are that it was definitely between the years of 2012-2017 and that the male lead character was not filthy rich.

And at this point I’m starting to believe I have gone crazy and maybe it doesn’t exist.

hi im looking for a Korean or Chinese romance drama series with a violin maker and a voice actress in it started watching it on viki and forget it if anyone knows the name and post it id be very great full please and thank you

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Ah, “violin maker and voice actress” do ring a bell. I believe you are looking for this:

Unfortunately, it’s not available on Viki (but on NF if you have access). Or watch it on YT if you don’t need Eng subtitles. It’s a delightful watch.

That was an excellent Drama, it strayed off it’s main point, but it is an excellent drama.

Your description reminds me of “Clean with passion for now” but it’s a recent Kdrama.[



This was a good show, I recently just watched it, but sadly it is not the one I am looking for.

Maybe this.?

Unfortunately it is not that one either. The main female lead didn’t have her family to look after.

Can you describe any other details that you can remember.?

It can’t be Full House …
So, can you give a bit more info …
You might see images when you recall the story.
Haircuts, clothes, colors, cars, second leads, or minor roles, anything …
You can do “clustering”! Give us some more input, and we might find your drama. (Hopefully)