Looking for work


I am just blasting my free work! I am an Alumni from Ninja Academy! Woo-hoo to Nina Academy! I usually volunteer my time over the weekends and some Fridays. If you’re working with a slow project or need segmenters for a series already uploaded but moving slowly, count me in!!


WELCOME back! Good to see you around. Good Luck in all your projects. Thank you for your help in ‘‘Secreto de Amor’’

Please contact bluenoona81 she is CM for DogStar TV and we really need to adjust the gaps and extensions ect on our 14 episode program.

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Hi, I’m looking for segmenters for a project. If you are interested, can you contact me?

Thank you.

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How do I join and start segmenting. I have done some training on random videos but I don’t know what else to do. I am new so I cant do major well known shows. But would love to start learning and practicing on less advertised shows. Where can I get more training and who do I need to contact?

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See my reply to your other message.