LOVE CLINIC Movie - NC17 / Language Mods needed


:heart: :Love Clinic :woman_scientist: a Korean rom/com is looking for more Language Moderators.
This movie is Viki Pass exclusive, must be also QC. (This is an adult movie, see the Rating!!)
These Languages are already filled in:

  • Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Romanian, Serbian, Dutch,
    Haitian Creole and Polish
  1. either PM me in Vikimail or
  2. leave me here your Viki ID link so I can find you and add you.

I look forward working with you, your CM Simi.


bumping my post for viewing :blush:


bumping again and adding a Polish Mod, YAY!! Any other Language Mods interested in this funny comedy with some short hmmm… scenes…


Agree…extremely funny with some unreal scenes that will have them ROFLMAO


bumbing my post in the hope that more Language Moderators with hop on this Love Clinic boat :sweat_smile:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday! :turkey:


hey i can do translations for arabic and french if you need me thank you


@m_bridja1411_868 Maryam, I couldn’t find your account. If you read well, the above post, it states that French Moderator position has been taken. I don’t have Arabic Mod, also it’s for Viki Pass holders. You didn’t leave your Viki ID link so I cannot verify.


Bumping my post to see if there are other language Moderators interested to translate this funny but for the mature audience movie.
I can’t update the main post but if you look at the main page you’ll see the languages that were already done.

Looking forward to hear from you! :memo:
PM me!