Love Contract

Just kill me now. I am ready to rip my own heart out and die. I just finished the Taiwanese drama Love Contract and I am so depressed–for anyone who has seen it, they know why. Can I PLEASE just have some recommendations for funny, warm, and light-hearted dramas, Korean or Taiwanese, so I can mend my heart back together once again??

xoxo, a seriously depressed T-and-K-drama fan

Fool’s / Ho Goo’s Love
Glorious Day
Plus Nine Boys, maybe …

Modern Farmer

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So many years since I saw it and still I cannot believe the script!! My options:

  1. Fantasy Couple (Korea)
  2. Pasta (Korea)
  3. The greatest Love (Korea)
  4. Nodame Cantabile (Japan)
  5. Hi my sweetheart (Taiwan)

thank you!! :slight_smile:

will try!! :slight_smile:

UGH I KNOW THE DAMN ENDING!!! but thank u for the suggestions… :slight_smile:

Ha! I completely understand … just finished watching it myself LOL

There are lots of really wonderful dramas out there with very satisfying endings. Off the top of my head, here’s some suggestions:

  • The Master’s Sun
  • The Greatest Love
  • Pasta
  • 49 Days
  • Daring Women (bloodcurdlingly twisted, but very satisfying in the end & great conclusion)

thank you friend! :slight_smile: