Love is Phantom


10 and the special are the last of it, I think. I really missed it when I thought she was pregnant. She was urping off and on through the first half of one episode but nothing came of that. The writers really misled me on that one. Renn (Hase) is still a hottie and continues to be a sweetie to the FL right up to the end.




So I’m not going to read it! Yet! I hope that Eps 10 didn’t go off the rails.



wow i really need to see the next episode, omg she was pregament:???


No, she was not. :frowning:


Ok I’m watching the special - which is just a replay! So I LOVE how Sweet the ending was but it was kind of …oh no it’s over…I’m sad! They are the cutest couple ever! I’m so glad she helped him make up with his stepmom and she really wasn’t a meany she was just testing Hase and MoMo.

The show really wasn’t what I thought it was going to be but It is one of my favorite love stories I just love these two…RENN - Aw, I’m going to miss RENN.


I agree. The ending was very sweet and anticlimactic. I’m gonna miss Renn too. I hope we find in something else soon!


I hear he has started something new but I don’t think its romantic - darn it! I follow him on Instagram he is so SWEET - I love him!

I liked that he asked her to marry him and she didn’t respond right away she is only 22 - she will marry him just a promise of a promise and he didn’t pressure her.

(ok seriously don’t know how that bold happened hahahahaha!)