Love is Phantom


hi viki loverss i’m watching the love is phantom drama and i would like to tell you some important topics about it,

1- they kiss very fast
if I had kissed the people I’m adorable I would have kissed the whole school by now.
2- He enters her house every night.
I think even a couple is intimate enough to let the man into the woman’s house will take a while, not the first day, unless there was a flame before.
3 - They do it very fast.
Oh my god what to say he took momoko’s virginity too fast, I’m in shock.
but still love this bold drama!
please share your opinions in the comments below!


Super Super Angsty Show! I was not sure about the ML at first but he is just handsome and sexy!
Yes, J-dramas tend to be a little more open sometimes with dark and moody themes. And this is in the fantasy/supernatural genre. I am so enjoying this drama because we don’t have to wait until Eps 10 for a relationship. But still a clean show. Just angsty! Older man - younger woman. Although the actors are not that much different in age.

But who in the heck was with our phantom at the end of Eps 3 - CRAZY!

Can’t wait to see his vampire side! OK I guess I’m totally off base cuz of the intro and the cape!

I have looked at the manga (and the story so far is pretty much the same) but I didn’t see the next episode so I couldn’t figure out what’s going on.

Looking forward to the next show.


I watched the first three episodes Friday night and the speed at which this dude moves is blowing me away. WOW! Looking forward to more episodes. I’m guessing this one is going to have a lot of plot twists. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Are you thinking? Who is that guy at the end of Eps 3


This is my VIKI review so far of this J-drama! :heart_eyes:

J-dramas are always more dark, broody & usually very angsty! I’m sure this is going to be no different. I love anything vampires but I can’t stand the deer in the headlights - eyes wide open kisses! (thank goodness that didn’t happen). I will come back with more review as I watch the few episodes that are out already. Ok - Oh my - the first interaction on the rooftop…min in - Would you like to check and make sure?- I love the way this is filmed - very dark - very moody & foggy. It has a old world or old time feel to the filming. Especially the hotel and the way that they dress. The almost antique color in the hotel. Love the use of lens flare. Finally a show that doesn’t make you wait until Eps 10 for a good intimate moment - she might be young and naïve but she can’t stop thinking about him! There seems to be a night intimate relationship and a day (standoff). Like two different worlds. I need the next episode… 2 more days!


The last scene of episode 3 surprised me big time. Didn’t see that one coming at all. This show has really got me intrigued! It seems to be so unpredictable. I like that. You bet I will follow this one. As far as vampires being involved in the show, you (kdrama2020ali) have more knowledge on that subject than I do. I have to admit that I’ve already watch it again as the plot moved so quickly, I thought I had missed something. :joy:


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I have watched each eps like 3 times! But he [spoiler]is a vampire! That’s the premise of the show right - Phantom![/spoiler] Ok I just re-read the synopsis it doesn’t say that but what is with the cape at the beginning of the show and I think he was going to jump when she pulled him back. Like Fly - ok maybe I’m off base.


I pick and choose what I watch when it comes to Japanese drama bc they tend to not only to be fast in the relationship moves, but they do not take LOVE seriously.

The virginity has no meaning in most Japanese dramas, and in my country virginity is precious and we need to wait until we get married so we guard that like if is a treasure we can’t/must not lose it until we meet the right guy that will marry us first before touching us.

In Japanese dramas they tend to make women brainless, non assertive, very insecure and desperate to get a man, and mainly the guy needs to be rich or have a very good paying job. If not, he’s not a ‘‘good candidate’’

While the woman is faithful, the guys are cheaters and if they get caught they tell the gf or wife ‘‘I’m a man and can do it.’’ (That’s when I drop the drama like a hot potato).

I had with Japanese drama very bad experience bc some had a form of incest and that’s even more disturbing to me.

I LOVE certain JAPANESE drama and have fully enjoyed watching them and especially love their documentaries about sightseeing different parts of Japan. I LOVE those the most.

The part i really don’t like that the girls are usually soft spoken and the guys are always screaming at the top of their lungs to the wife /girlfriend.

I think girls that watch Japanese dramas need to learn from them, and never let those things happen to them, and always demand respect from their man.

I’m going to check LOVE IS PHANTOM bc i see the girl seems to be the one screaming and he’s the sweet talker. I’m curious now…lol


He is very sweet - he’s very smooth - let’s see why! But him wanting to keep it a secret - I still think he is a vampire - but I could be wrong.

She does not seem as silly and naive as the girl in other j-dramas oh that girl made me crazy.


sorry i was in the school


Agreed! Honestly, I think you may be correct about the vampire theme. I say that because the guy they are going to introduce in the next episode seems really dark and mysterious (based on the preview). I also agree about how annoying some of the females in J-dramas can be; generally not assertive at all and a bit on the whiney side (my opinion only). Still, if the plot is interesting/intriguing, I will continue to watch.


The new one is completely subbed! Aw, this mysterious stranger! Interesting
I remember now why I think he is a vampire - well the opening with the cape - and she says she likes to kiss his “COLD” lips @stardust2466_546 have you watched yet?

So normally I would find the new guy super attractive but I tell you Hase - when he not in his suit and glasses are off at home in that white puffy shirt - Man oh Man


No, haven’t watched ep 4 yet. Gonna do that tonight. You know, there is something about these Asian guys! Hase…man oh man is right. I really like the way they film some of the kissing scenes in this series; the lighting, the hazy/unfocused lens, etc. It really emphasizes the sexiness of this show. (Should I blur that? Nah, it’s not giving away any of the plot of the show). :grin:


Watch what he does before he smiles - he like puckers his lips when he is just sitting there! I REWIND a lot! He is so weirdly gloriously sexy!

photo CTTO

Seriously I REWATCH these episodes! More than most shows something about the filming you’re right! and sometimes he giggles that just makes me crazy.


Are you caught up on Love is Phantom? I’m fixing to watch the next episode!!! Need more Renn

Time for some Hase! I loved the last episode he was so tender with her! He falls in love more and more!


No, I think the next episode will be ready when I get home tonight. I agree, he is a real sweetheart to her! So I wonder what his reaction is going to be when he finds out she is pregnant? (At least the last episode led me to believe she is in that state). I am really liking this show. It’s got so many scrumptious men of mystery!


Oh You NEED to catch up you have two episodes now I think!!! :purple_heart:
My eyes are only for Renn (Hase)


I just finished watching the last episode (and the special) for Phantom and I’m wondering what some of your reactions to the ending are? And go…


I am not caught up with 10 and 10 Special yet. I love these two so much and I have huge crush on Renn (Hase). The series has totally gone in a different direction than I thought. I really thought he was supernatural at first like a “vampire” because of the opening! Everything has changed. So I will catch up and let you know!