Love Me If You Dare

If anyone out there is looking for a smart well made drama check out Love Me If You Dare. It is amazingly well written. It does deal with murders because the main character is an investigator who is being stalked so there are some graphic scenes but I am pushing through that part because the characters are so well written. Every once in awhile I just want to watch a grown up drama.


I agree! It’s a great drama. And it really shows me that Mainland dramas are really stepping up their game. I love the characters.

I don’t think it’s that gruesome though, at least compared to American crime dramas.

There is one thing that bugs me and I’m wondering if anyone’s noticed it too. The female lead seems to be whispering all the time. Kudos to the team for subbing without captions. I can barely hear her through her mumbling sometimes.

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I know it probably isn’t that gruesome.I stopped watching American tv several years ago. Just been watching online asian dramas. I think I tend to be sensitive that way. If the Asian tv show or movie is good, I watch it now but just fast forward or close my eyes through the rough stuff. Sadly real life is as bad or worse than any drama could be. I think this drama and Divorce Lawyers are two of the best Chinese dramas I’ve seen so far and I think they surpass most American tv shows except maybe the show Elementary. I’ve been out of the American tv loop so there might be more, I don’t know. There are some Chinese movies being released very soon in the American AMC theaters I can’t wait to watch. They have already released Korean, Indian and Filipino movies.

Wow that’s amazing. I live out in the boonies with a small asian population. Doubt I’m gonna see that anytime soon. Have you tried British dramas? I’ve always loved them. They have great historical dramas (Calll the Midwife) and nothing beats Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch.

As for Mainland dramas, I’ve always enjoyed the historical ones too. The costumes, the sets :heart_eyes:
But they used to be really depressing. It was always about star crossed lovers that couldn’t be together. Things have changed in recent times and I’m glad for it.

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Check if you have an AMC theater around. My brother lives outside of Detroit and the theaters have them and I live outside of Dallas and one has them. It looks like this is a regular thing because they have AMC theaters in Asia.

Have you watched "black and white? its in same category. I like that twists plot better. But the acting of all actors& actress in this one os best of the best! LOVE IT!!!

hmmmm just wonder… dont jugde ok, i just like to play with the thought… what if we replace Wallece Huo with jerry yan who has the freakiest stare ever. would that be better for the chatacter of Aron or whatever he called, be even better, you think??

and I have hesitated watching this! love stuff like that. so this is an old topic. well I will give it a try anyway.

beware it has some rough stuff

One of my first forays into CDramaland…was ‘Love Me If You Dare’ wow, what a find! There are some really wonderful treasures to be found…“The General and I”…“But Always” (I’m still reeling from this one). You might not find all you are looking for on Viki, but what IS offered could be better screened so that time and effort is not wasted on dramas that only garner 3 stars from viewers. I am ‘of that certain age’ where the abundance of teenybopper school/coming of age series are not deep enough to hold my interest, nor can I relate in any way to kiddos barely into their 20’s who are trying to act like 30 year olds without the experience based characterizations. I DO thank Viki from the bottom of my heart, for giving us viewers the onscreen comments feature as the episodes play out…Whenever something familiar is ‘updated’ there will be a few losses with the gains…we need to let Viki hear us…Overall, I LIKE the new, closely monitored incarnation of my ‘go to’ drama site…THANKS VIKI!