Love O2O / Just one smile is very alluring & Croton dramas recommendations


I’m a total goner for this cdrama Love O2O / Just one smile is very alluring from Croton mega hit. I’m so excited after finding 1 drama that finally got me these light feelings :innocent:
It’s been a long long time I haven’t been interested in a romance drama to want it to watch it twice in a row and read the light novel with it :slight_smile: (I normally give up after watching the 1st episode :sob:)

-Female lead has her flaws (lack of passion) but she’s not a pushover and has some brain
-Male lead, duality of his character: he can appear cold to others but with the main girl, ayaaaa :blush:
-Cutest couple ever, couple chemistry, their interactions.
-Game RPG theme: for once!
-Ancient Chinese / contemporary set: Characters, clothes, weapons in the game / duality with the real world
-Drama better than the novel: for once!
-Light feelings, not a serious tone drama, fresh college love story, “fluffy” feelings (I was in the mood)
-Not exaggerated drama overall, not too far-stretched in character’s reactions, actions => more realistic for me.
-A new story that we don’t find in the drama world: original and lovable
-Songs in my head :slight_smile:

What I like less:
-not enough development of the story in game, the world in game, not many epic fighting scenes but the story in the modern world was enjoyable, these 2 main characters are so adorable that I ended up skipping scenes in the game because not enough interesting and just watched scenes in the modern world where the love story develops itself.
-RPG graphics: the monsters were… Can we compare to Lord of the Rings monsters? And scenery graphics: when we compare with some real games teasers nowadays, they could have been better.
-“lack” of love passion
-a little too westernized according to my friend

But overall, I need a S2. I’m in love with this drama :heart_eyes:

Do you have other recommendations from Croton dramas that you liked a lot until the end or dramas that give off the same vibe/feelings?

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Here’s a list with dramas produced by Croton:

If you’re looking for a school/ youth romance and a male lead who appears cold on the outside, then maybe the currently airing “Rush to the Dead Summer” is something for you :slight_smile: Unfortunately, it’s not in Viki, but you can easily find it subbed elsewhere.

Btw, this drama is not from Croton, but if it comes to youth/ coming-of-age dramas, I’m always recommending Back In Time ( I totally love this drama! It was a huge hit in China, but sadly, it is not very well known among international viewers.

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Hello Lizz!

THAAANKS! I will try to watch Rush to the Dead Summer when it will be complete. I don’t like to wait! (I liked Decoded, a drama with the same male lead but the plot and genre are really different from Rush).

I noticed that they put English subtitles on their official Youtube channel after a while (Croton mega hit only, not other Croton channels, too bad). That’s why I could watch Love O2O on their official Youtube. They also did so many productions (looong dramas too), I don’t know what to pick XD
Thanks for your links! WOW! I think I will find my happiness here :smiley: I took a look in Huace TV Youtube Channel and saw the teaser for The Taoism Grandmaster :grinning: Seems promising but I don’t trust any teaser now XD I’ve been fooled before!

The actress at 1:08 looks like Andy An?? I’m a fan of her since Decoded!

My friends recommended me after Love O2O:
-My Sunshine
-Boss and Me
-Imperial Doctress (for the strong female lead)
-Legend of Lu Zhen (I forgot the reason)

For the game genre where there’s a higher probability of meeting a strong female lead, it’s not a common theme on dramas, so they recommended me anime and mangas yesterday like Sword Art Online.

There’s another game themed drama and also starring Yang Yang in the making:
But it will probably take quite a while before we’ll get to see it.

If you’re interested in novels of this particular genre, here are some:
However, I think only one has been translated into English.

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Lol Lizz, don’t worry I made my research on Yang Yang yesterday :wink:
Yes, I saw this upcoming drama, it’s from an anime that my friend also recommended me :slight_smile: I can watch the anime for the moment but I still prefer to watch real humans than cartoons.

Thanks for the link for novels! A relative recommended me this website:
I’m currently reading Love O2O novel, the version translated by Dreams of Jianghu on this website.
I liked that the website has different versions of translations, from one translator to another, there’s a different writing style, pick of words!

I thought this could be of interest to you:

It’s another upcoming game-themed drama and they already finished filming, so it could go on air anytime soon.

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When I read the first lines of the synopsis, I was like how will they portray a monkey and a pig and still attract an audience like a young generation of nowadays :confused: (cf one version of Journey to the West). I was totally mislead!

Thanks for telling me!! :heart: