Love Rain songs

Necesito ayuda!
Hay una canción en Lluvia de amor que me encanta pero no puedo encontrarla.
En la traducción al español dice: “Mi mujer, ella me dice que me ama” o algo así. Es que ya hace un tiempo que vi el drama y me encantó la canción pero no la puedo encontrar. Agradecería que me ayudaran a identificarla.

I need HELP!
There’s a song in Love Rain that I LOVE but can’t find it.
In the translation it says something like: “Mi woman, she tells me she loves me” or something like it. It’s been a long time since I watched the drama, and I love the song but I can’t fin it. I will appreciate your help to find it.


i think i know which 1!! give me a minute i think its the main song, ill try and find it

Thank you… Im not sure if it’s the main song, 'cause I tried and it doesnt sounds like that song… But please try… I really want to know the song… Ín the corus says what I posted above like “tananana tanana sarang-habnida”
I’m sorry, I’m really bad at this, that’s why I can’t find it

its not this one right? im still looking, ill find it but just check this one:

Sorry but no :frowning: … I think the song come out at some point when she keeps fighting for him, but I’m not sure

ahh, this is the ful tracklist of love rain:

and ill keep looking cuz i knoww that ive heard that one before

you think, in the begining episodes? or towards the end…

More like in the middle… I’ve Heard all the songs from the tracklist and it’s not there… But I know I Heard it in the drama… I guess I’ll have to watch it all over again… If you find it please let me know. If I find it I’ll tell you

yea thanks! dont worry, its gotta be somewhere and ill keep looking to see if i find it, cuz now its gonna drive me crazy when ive heard it before! haha

OMG I have that exact same feeling!..

Hola! Me encanta el OST de ese drama, de hecho, lo escucho frecuentemente. Me puedes decir el episodio y momento exacto donde aparece la canción, seguro te puedo ayudar.
Saludos desde Argentina!

love rain … this drama really good drama i think i crie when i watch it…

but who sing a man or a girl ???

it was a man… but i think it was a background song. (not in the ost)

oh… okay i also can found what epido is it ?

i knowww. ive heard it before but i cant find the episode!! driving me crazy

I most say I really do not remember the episode, that’s my actual struggle!

Hola! No recuerdo el episodio y me está volviendo loca!!!
Gracias desde Puerto Rico

so watch again !! no it’s a joke well what happend at this scene ?

if you can tell me this i really can found !