Mad For Each Other

Binged Mad for Each Other. Short drama, each episode is around 30 minutes. I must say this show is one of the best I’ve seen in 2021. Heartbreaking. Hilarious. Real. Unbelievable. Such a hard line to straddle, but they do it so well.

Really this show broke my heart for the women in Korea. I was truly grieved reading about the hardships they face on a daily basis. Yes, these issues happen everywhere, but with the Human Rights Watch report that was released earlier last week, it does seem that there is an extra barrier for them to achieve justice. I hope for change, and I stand with the women in Korea.

‘Like a murder’: South Korean women face widespread online sex abuse, rights group says - The Washington Post


OMG we do have the same taste in dramas (short or longer). [MAD FOR EACH OTHER] is a short drama worth Gold; that sets as an example for others that SK is not that fantasy world many young girls and others think it is.

I am glad that drama opened the eyes to some of that reality where women get abused in any part of the world. The worse part of the drama is to think that money can buy the LAW system and abusers can walk out free of jail just bc the pay their way out.

I believe the creator of this drama made it into a comedy/serious subject knowing very well, that if they left as an awareness of ‘‘women abuse only’’ many viewers would refuse to watch it. I laughed to my heart’s content bc it has parts that is so funnily hilarious. The serious part of abuse brought painful memories to me, and I was so happy when I saw justice done just like I saw justice done for me.

The funny parts in the dramas made me laugh like I’ve never laughed, for a long, long while now, and I’m so thankful to the creators of such magnificent short drama. I was so sad for days when it ended bc I was so looking forward to the funny parts. Ironically, this short drama didn’t get (imo) the attention it deserved. It’s their loss bc laughter is the best medicine.

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YES. Everything about it was brilliant. Glad someone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

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I found a couple of reviews, you may be interested to read them.

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Another drama that hits hard as to women’s rights ( or lack thereof ) in South Korea is Because This is My First Life , highly recommended …and yes , Mad For Each Other is a 10 out 10


Because This Is My First Life was a great watch!


Mad for Each Other was outstanding! It is so rare to find an example like this where they cover pretty heavy topics without getting bogged down by the seriousness of them; when they can find lighthearted or even humorous moments without making light of the subject matter; when they can bring awareness to an issue without making the viewer feel like they are being lectured. This show covered several such topics, and I thought the creative minds behind this did an excellent job.


Agreed. So too did Because this is my First Life

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