Mainland film and television industry announced a complete shutdown

China’s film and television industry announced a complete shutdown on 1.31.20. :frowning:
Filming and production of many dramas have halted (probably for 3 or more months) in view of the evolving coronavirus situation. Such as these (and many more):

To Dear Myself - Liu Shishi and Zhu Yilong

Legend of Fei - Zanilla Zhao and Wang Yibo

Novoland - Yang Mi and William Chan

Like A Flowing River 2 - Wang Kai and Yang Shuo

Perhaps a time for catching up on our “To-Watch” list or rewatching dramas we love. Or perhaps the completed dramas that are on-hold may get an earlier release.◤武汉肺炎◢-中国影视全面停工-艺人失业/

Official Notice


Economic crisis: in the cinema area and also other sectors like anything related to the Chinese consumption (flying companies, luxury brands like LVMH, cosmetics, tourism) + yen inflation, a safe heaven currency.

Without exports/imports or dockers, how long a country can depend on his ressources + other countries depend on China for some products and services => Global economy is impacted = Globalization.


I’m thinking of all the people working in the industry, will they have enough to go by for three months without a salary? Because I assume they won’t get paid, as most of them are contract workers and not employees of the companies. But even if they are employees, will the companies accept to give them salaries?
I’m not thinking of the star actors now, but of all the technicians and office people involved in making a drama or film.
Same for people in the tourist industry, who will have to close down their hotels for a while.

I do think that China has enough agriculture as well as stocks to feed its people for a few months, though. Although there’s quite a lot of them.


Indeed. An economic crisis as well, not just a health crisis. No industry, country or people will be spared if the virus is not contained and the infected people are not treated and cured.

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