Making comments sections language dedicated

Hello fellow Viki supporters

Like so many others, I really want the comments section to be about the drama (not complaints about subbing!) There are many dramas I haven’t seen and I check the reviews and comments sections first to help me decide whether or not to invest my time ( like any other media review - movie critics, etc.). I am amazed and appreciative that Viki ( technically all its wonderful volunteers translate into so many languages! ) We’re watching entertainment but isn’t it great that so many cultures can share the same experience!!

Still, when I go to some sites (usually older broadcasts) , all I see are Spanish, Portugese, French, German, Arabic, etc comments which I cannot understand. Is there a way to see comments - reviews only in your maternal language? Many thanks


No, unfortunately. Maybe Viki will consider this matter again, but the problem may be with disqus since this is the operator of the comment section. In earlier years, when comment section was still in the hands of Viki the languages were completely separated, that wasn’t easy either. Still an option would be great, like it is at the reviews, you can chose the language there, or look at them all together…

And it’s great that there is a place like Viki!


So agree! I’m tired of scrolling through reams and reams of Spanish and Portuguese comments (99% of which are sub complaints) to try and find a discussion about the DRAMA! Perhaps if they had some sort of button to request other languages, it would keep the whining down in the comments. Then again, maybe not…the REVIEW section is full of it too.