Making of a hanbok top

I never knew it was done like that.
Of course the use of stick glue to keep the lining and fabric together is hardly traditional, I suppose, but other than that, fascinating process.

And, if you understand Korean, you’ll be able to enjoy the next one, about making cloth and then clothes in a traditional way. But without the language it’s not easy to understand what’s going on.

Care about drafting a pattern yourself? Here’s a tutorial!

And here’s another one, for Reversible Jeogori (Hanbok Top)


Are you going to try it? :slight_smile:


Frankly no. I don’t like the line of hanbok. It squashes the breasts and completely conceals the waistline. Makes everyone seem pregnant.
I vastly prefer Goryeo style, it’s much more graceful and feminine.


I think he cuts away the glued together fabric after sewing. It just works faster to keep the slippery fabric together. The gold leaf embellishment is gorgeous. My eyes couldn’t move so fast when the lady stitched with the machine the design, so precise!

Very interesting to make hanboks. :blush: The quilting takes lot of time :sweat: