Malaysian, Phillipines, etc. dramas

Even though I am not asian, Malaysian or Muslim, I have come across a few on different sites, etc. and truly enjoyed some of their dramas. However, the other sites sometimes are very lacking in subtitles unlike Viki. They don’t subtitle even if spoken in english assuming person is hearing.

I am wondering are others also interested in viki adding more Malaysian dramas? Don’t get me wrong love cdramas, kdramas, etc., but wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy all different asian communites on viki.

I wish had on spot I could just go to instead of going on a web search hunt. I am wondering is it because I am in the usa, and due to licensing permission context is more limited? I wouldn’t mind more Malaysian, Philippines, and other asian countries on viki. I love learning on the beauty of other traditions and culture. I was just curious if others wanted similar as me.

I apologize for my random thoughts. I do hope everyone is well. Much health and happiness to you all.


That is such a great idea. Years ago, there are Philippine shows, Malaysian shows here at Viki. Maybe bevause of licensing issues that it was halted. Somethings, I will come across some philippine shows here at Viki which is indicated that is it Unlicensed.

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Oh I would definitely love it if there would be more sites featuring Malaysian dramas with English subtitles. Currently it is so limited. i///Qiyi used to have some but they seemed to have taken down quite a lot of their Malay dramas. Although if I’m not wrong even the i///Qiyi ones is limited to the Malay-speaking countries so you’d need a vpn. V///iu has some too (although V///iu is not available in the US i think) but theirs are V///iu originals so it’s quite limited as well (good quality though). N///etflx has some too (again, not many) and highly unlikely to be available outside the region. So I assume there are some licensing issues? But it could also just be because Malay / Malaysian dramas in general are not very well-known or popular outside of this region.

If you’d like to watch some there’s MeWatch! The English subs are decently good. Not all the Malay dramas are Malaysian though as it is a Singapore-based site so most productions are Singaporean.

I have previously submitted requests for Malaysian dramas a couple of years back but up till now, still none to be found here on Viki lol. But if Viki ever decides to take up malaysian dramas I’d be super happy to contribute. Malay subbing community is tiny though (only a handful of people). And that is partly because a large majority of the shows on Viki are blocked in Southeast Asia so not many of us actually use Viki.

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I’ve also been wondering why there aren’t any Indian movies/dramas in here (or there are but I haven’t seen them, idk). I’ve been watching them since I was little, so it’d be amazing to have them in here also, because it’s hard to find them subtitled in proper english or in my language.

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