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Hi. Malaysian Subbers, could you please recommend me some Malaysian Dramas. It can be with EngSubs or not. I know that TV3 broadcast some of their Dramas with EngSubs. And could you tell me about the Drama called Sweet Dreams (2019) that was broadcast on AstroRia. What is the story? have EngSubs?

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if you’re still looking for answer and suggestions, I don’t think Sweet Dreams has English Subtitles and it is a love story between a mute girl and a man who have ability to predict the future.

my suggestions are:

  • Split (a man with multiple personality disorder who in love with a woman)

  • Kampung People (An hilarious slice of life drama. A modern family need to disguise themselves as countryside people in order to run away from their problems in the city)

  • Curi-Curi Cinta (A love story between a rich man and a woman who wants to be rich but one day, the man became poor)