Male leads with long hair


Hey everyone! While watching Yumi’s cells, I just realized I’m totally into leads with long hair. So I thought of starting a discussion here on the topic. I’m dropping my top 3 favs with long hair… The ones with a ponytail will get brownie points❤️

Drop your favs too!!!

  1. Noh Min Woo - The hot Doc from “Partners for Justice 2”

  1. Kim Ji Hoon - The hottie villain from “flower of evil”


  1. Ahn Bo Hyun - The cutie from Yumi’s cells

My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?

Jang Geun Suk


Is he the same actor from You Raise Me Up? He looks really similar.

Which drama is it? At first glance, I thought that’s a lady.



:rofl: He ain’t no lady! :rofl: to me, his hair is on the short side. I like LONG hair!


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I’m guessing it is ‘Love Rain’. I’m not certain, but he had hair like that in that drama.


I thought it was Marry me, Mary
[![Image result for marry me mary|124x186]


I haven’t seen that one, but it totally could be. I was just guessing, but he did have that same kind of hair in ‘Love Rain’ too.


I know he has several with long hair
You are Beautiful with Park SHin Hye

I don’t think I’ve seen him with short hair ever. He’s the only male guy I like his long hair.
I wanna watch it now lol

@my_happy_place, Have you seen this one?


Not yet, but it’s been in my watch list.



I can guarantee you that you gonna love it!


Good to know. Thanks! :heart:


Aaaw! I missed this…


Yes they do look similar! But he is not the one…


Need to watch this!


I’ll post more tomorrow but Kim Jae Wook - Whoosh - Coffee Prince


Our Gorgeous ML from Long Ballad

I’ll post more tomorrow!


Are historical dramas allowed?


Yes! Definitely… why not!!


Woo Do Hwan
Kwak Dong Yeon

Kim Myung Soo - MyungSoonie