Man Comes to Tang Dynasty Drama needs Help!


This Man Comes to Tang Dynasty drama needs some help.
We need Chinese-English subbers & editors (I’d prefer someone who actually knows Chinese and english for being the editor), segmenters, and subbers & moderators of other languanges.

If you think you can give us a hand, please send a PM to me (Tasya) or Gesti.


We are also looking for Spanish to English Subbers, if you are interested please send me a PM or leave your message here.

Thank you!

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Nice pic! I didn’t even think about putting a pic on! hahahaha

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@auroratasya or @gesti_lagi, do you need indonesian mod or subs??? I’m here gals!!!

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Subber, yes please! Gesti is the mod, I’m pretty sure she’d love to have you.
Welcome to the team and thanks, Jul!!

Thank you mbak Julie.
I already add you to be Indonesian Moderator.

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