Many Thanks to Viki's Volunteer Community!


You are very welcome. Thank you for dedication and for being a volunteer.


Once again, I will take the time to express my appreciation to the Volunteer Teams here at Viki.


Hallo :slight_smile:
also from me, a heartfelt thank you, without you translators, Segmentierer. I wouldn’t enjoy watching Asian dramas you are sooo great in what you do spezieller Dank an das deutsche Team :slight_smile:

you do it all voluntarily and at your time and with so much enthusiasm, because it has to be, otherwise it would not be as wonderful to understand as it is here, honestly and naturally, from the heart and soul and that only works have fun and love what and how you do it … thank you for sharing :slight_smile:
I hope you understand me * laughs * because with me the machine for translation is a big help :frowning:
best regards


Ahh I can’t believe 2020 is actually over! They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, and that’s completely true for this year…we’ve all been hit so bad by this pandemic, but there have been so many wonderful things I’ve experienced because of this situation, and I’m so thankful to God for helping me see them.
This was my first year as a drama fan and Viki volunteer, and its been a fun rollercoaster! Thank you, Viki, for the amazing selection of content, as well as Viki Discussions, the place to meet this beautiful community. A huge thank you to all the volunteers here-- segmenters, channel managers, subtitlers, moderators, editors, graphic designers…for all the hard work, giving us the best experience watching and making Dramaland accessible to us foreign viewers. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: A heartfelt thank you, धन्यवाद, 감사합니다 and 謝謝你 (hope that’s correct, I don’t know any Chinese :joy::sweat_smile:)
Thank you, @jeslynl and @mariliam for getting all our support questions answered so quickly, y’all really work tirelessly :gift_heart:. Thank you @aznative for all the updates and @marykarmelina for the new drama updates. Thank you @lutra for the amazing recommendations and @sheishun too, I’m slowly going through your lists and almost all of them end up as favourites :star_struck:. @kaorikazehaya and @keeraaa or being my first team, even though it was hard, thank you for welcoming me and helping me enter and enjoy this community. Thank you, @rose_shn nd @justine_desmoulins or the designing advice and inspiration.


@choitrio and @irmar for being the best Korean teachers and making everything so much easier, I’m so thankful! @twinkling, my sunbaenim, thanks for all your work in the Hindi community and making sure I don’t feel alone in the 18 Again campaign :wink::gift_heart:. Thank you @mirjam_465 @frustratedwriter and @ninjas_with_onions or being the sweetest people and making me laugh so much , @mirjam_465 meet me in @frustratedwriter’s closet, I’m sure she’s got a whole batch of the yummiest Christmas cookies! :joy::sunglasses:
Thank you @angelight313_168 or all the meaningful reviews…and all you other amazing people at Viki Discussions, both new-comers and old members, you really made my days, I looked forward so much to discussing about everything here. I’m really sorry if I’ve missed anyone, there are so many special people here! :sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And the biggest lesson I learned-- AGE IS JUST A NUMBER, HAVE ALL THE FUN YOU CAN!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy new year! :star2::sparkles::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awww… thank you! @vivi_1485, I think everyone would agree that you are our number 1 cheerleader.:kissing_heart:


As far as I know @vivi_1485 is the baby here in discussion, right?

Is good to have a young person that is so mature, and is willing to talk to us the older crowd. Most young ppl avoid older ppl. lol

Thank you for joining this community and keeping us entertained bc this year hasn’t been easy and coming here to discussion helped me keep my mind busy on something else and that’s a lifesaver in its self.


Thank you, @vivi_1485 :kissing_heart:

But let’s hurry. I think I just saw @tiia_porovart sneaking into @frustratedwriter’s house, so before we know it all the cookies will be gone! :joy:


That was so sweet of you! Thank you for being our ray of sunlight!


Just out of curiosity … How do you pronounce that? :thinking: :sparkles:


l like that! cute!!

I was considering some time ago to be a subber, but hey lucky to do my language, and you know how hard that one is! ENGLISH!!

so great jobs guys! happy new year btw


Aw, that’s so sweet of you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I wish you and everyone here of the community a wonderful happy new year and may your wishes comes true! :raised_hands::heart_eyes:


Your message gave all of us a great start to this year!

I hope everyone here has a great 2021 too!

It’s pronounced “Dhanyavaad”


That even slightly looks like the Dutch “dankjewel”! :slight_smile: Well, with some fantasy … :wink:


I think that in all my about ten month-long trips all over India, I’ve heard this word only by flight attendants (in the Hindi translation of “Thank you for using Air India for your trip, Wishing to welcome you aboard our flights again”). I got curious and asked friends. They told me that this word exists, yes, but it’s not used. Because it’s considered bad manners to get rid of the obligation with just one word of thanks, and they prefer using a proper thanking sentence instead.
(I’ve heard shukriya in Bollywood films, though, which presumably comes from Arabic “shokran”)


hey whats a good movie or show to watch ??


Wouldn’t it depend on your taste? Maybe you could give us an idea of what a good movie/drama is to you, then we could give some recommendation.


well i mean it can be anything, im just trying something new for once


Okay, a really short and random mix of movies.
Access depends on your region.


Aww :hugs: Thank you for the shout out :kissing_heart:
I’ll try my best to keep you guys updated with the latest kdrama updates :grin: