Many Thanks to Viki's Volunteer Community!


i don’t know your taste, but you could try these:


i thought about that a lot, whether to put dhanyavaad or shukriya, because as you said, we hardly use either as a single word and prefer to write/speak a whole thanking sentence instead.
Thinking about it now, ‘shukriya’ is definitely more popular because I think it’s less formal than dhanyavaad. We use dhanyavaad to end formal letters :sweat_smile:


So would you say something like “Shukriya for everything you did”? :thinking:



It’s sort of like that. Actually “Dhanyavaad” is “Thank You” in Hindi and “Shukriya” is “Thank You” in Urdu but since both the languages are more or less the same except the script, people use a lot of vocabulary from both the languages interchangeably. When I sub, I put shukriya the most as compared to dhanyvaad. In this age, dhanyvaad (or any big Hindi word) is being replaced by English words or a word from some other language, mostly Indo-Aryan languages. Dhanyvaad frequents only written exchanges or in historic movies or might be used when using “formality” in sarcasm.


Hey guys, I’m a little late to the conversation! :laughing: However, I’d like to thank all of the volunteer and community members here at Viki. I’ve met so many amazing people who contribute and work so hard every single day. There are even members who work while tired, sick, or having headaches. That kind of dedication you can not find anywhere else; only in volunteer members. The love we all share for dramas and more importantly, CONTRIBUTING TO OUR COMMUNITY is so great and amazing. I’m blessed to have found Viki in the first place and blessed to know that I can help out with EN-CHN subtitles and vise versa. I learn so much on here and I’m grateful for everyone I’ve met thus far :heart:



Wow 7 months ago I enjoyed you ppl playing along with @frustratedwriter. I just can’t get over her leaving just like that. I wish she say hi at least or even goodbye just to know all is well with her…:pensive::pensive::pensive:


She was last seen on July 14. I hope she’s okay. :rosette:


If I my suspicion proves true, the many glitches we are experiencing across the Viki Rakuten website, is an attempt to allay these issues. :wink::+1:t5:


Mary is active on her Facebook page every day, I can see that.
Maybe she will come soon and just say… HELLO :heart:
It’s really sad not to see anything of her anymore :worried:


Thank you so much for that information; it makes me feel better to know she’s active somewhere else bc that means she’s all right.

Hopefully she will pass by just to say Hello or Goodbye.

Yes, it’s very sad not to see anything from her around here.


And they are improving project finder also
So may be they are busy with that.


I also miss her so muchhhhh… it felt like I was playing with one of my own grandparents :disappointed_relieved: I’m glad she’s doing well, though… hope to see her around here somday!