Marmalade boy live action 2018


Hello! everyone I’d like to know if there’s any possibility that Marmalade boy movie could be available in viki?

Thanks a lot!


OMG this Marmalade Boy??? The manga and anime from Wataru Yoshizumi?? :astonished:
My childhood manga!!

Let’s request the license here:

I fear it’s not possible to have it on Viki, there’s a Warner Bros logo showing on the teaser and Warner Bros owns Dramafever. I don’t know if that’d be possible :persevere: but it’s better to ask in case!

(list of production companies and ditributors of this movie including Warner Bros)


Thank you both for your quick replies! Maybe it’s too soon to find it available, anyway I’ve done the request.


Oh I didn’t know they made it into a movie. Thank you for letting me know. Filled out the form as well, just in case^^


Hello! the movie seems quite interesting! I hope we all have the chance to watch it!

Have a nice day


is it available on viki


Is it out yet? Marmalade Boy was the very first anime I watched after Pokemon when I knew what anime was. My very first manga I did read as well :slight_smile: So I need to see this movie but I thought it wasn’t out yet.


Does Viki even licence doramas anymore?


I love Marmalade Boy! Favorite anime for sure!


The movie was released back in April, I’ve tried to find it everywhere but it’s not available, it seems difficult to find Japanese films. Anyway,if anyone finds something please let us know!