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I was wondering if contributing subtitles for Viki can be counted as an experience? for a resume. Also, does anyone know any other company that recruits voluntary translators?
I am still new to this community. Also, I want to gain more experience (in the field of Translation/Transcription) to be able to build a resume.

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Whether it counts may depend on your potential new employer, but you can at least request a certificate from Viki:

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It depends on what kind of job you are looking for. If you want to do translation or interpretation work, then it can definitely count. Or if your job values a 2nd language skillset, even if your main responsibility is not translation, then it can count too.

I’m not in any language related field so I don’t write it in my resume. But I once worked for a hospital, and they were asking all employees to consider being available to “volunteer” as needed to help patients who do not speak English.

Also, in my current job, I got an email through the “Asian club” at work, asking if any Korean speaking employees were available to translate the usage instruction written on the masks they bought for the employees when Covid-19 first started.

Lastly, I once got a message from someone via Viki Inbox if I would consider getting a full time translation job for a Korean media company, which I declined. So the volunteer work you do here can be helpful if you were looking for a job in this field.


Can we get a qc certificate twice one for qc and one for gold qc ? Presently I am a qc.

You can always request it again later, when you are a Gold QC, or when you wrote a lot more subs.

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Thank you soo much for your response. Appreciated. May I also ask you what is a QC certificate?

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As far as I know it is an official certificate given by Viki that we are a qualified contributor for a particular language

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Just got it today!:star_struck::partying_face:
@dudie I read on another topic that you want to see the latest QC certificate here is mine.