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I have tried to find various things in meetup groups in my area, various things I like as well, is this just for people under 50 or so? gosh, I am not dead yet! I’d love to meet some people for yeah these dramas, oh and if there’s a meet it’s so far and it’s at night! have to limit my driving to daytime now. I would just love to meet just one group that we could enjoy, the dramas, and other stuff!


churches? libraries? senior centers?


If you can’t find a meet-up maybe you can start one? :slight_smile:


I have thought about it and just recently. thank you for a response


just wonder if I started a meet up, would anyone respond?


Of course maybe not in person, but a video call? :grin:


so funny! guess I will pass it by for awhile


well here on viki, I have about 4 and hardly anyone responds, so this may just be a lost cause before a beginning, 1. I’m sooo bored, 2. genealogy anyone, 3 your laugh for the day 4 history around the world oh 5 thoughts for us. so what would interest someone for a meet up group? other than what I mentioned
and like vivi said, but could keep it right here on Viki.

  1. crochet?
    2 gardening
    3researchy helps
    4 cooking /baking
    5 languages??

ok people I looked at that meetup link. there is a bunch there that has been closed since 2015! gosh !
wonder why the language one didn’t go? as well as the others? hmmmm!


I’m a kinda deep person so anything with substance is my jam, languages definitely, cultures, k-drama, scifi, IT, politics(yes yes, it’s banned, ik), history (also partially banned), life in different countries (partially banned) and other non-controversial stuff which also are partially banned etc. :smiley:. Life’s not easy here. x)

Generally, I love to hear (and tell, aka discuss) how someone’s living their daily life, what’s impacting them, what things are different in their society and why compared to mine and so forth. Because it humanizes other’s in a way that you can relate it to your life better.

Edit: Btw, any meetup should probably be done virtually considering the banned current event plaguing the planet atm. x)

Edit2: Examples of what I mean with the above text. For example, tomorrow it’s the time to open up presents again in Christian influenced cultures. Even though I don’t care for the creepy prev sky god (kindly put) personally, hearing other’s experiences and views about said god’s daily impact helps me understand and empathize. Even though I personally might view it in such a way, I might as well understand why someone else doesn’t and why something is so important for them, thus the concept of ‘Almight god’ and ‘Sky perv’ might co-exist in harmony instead of being contradictory and inflammatory, which is a good thing imo :slight_smile:
… lol, soon Christmas will get banned as well xD


I would to meet other members whether in person or virtually but considering current conditions, perhaps virtually would be best. My kind of topics would be crafts (cross-stitch, knitting and crochet), cooking/baking/food related, languages/cultures/dramas and books (though I haven’t touched a book in a while as I’ve been reading more web novels).


that’s what i do like!


As far I know Meet Up groups through are sometimes free to join and sometimes they like donations because if you create a meetup group, the creater has to pay a monthly subscription fee using the website features. It used to be $ 15 per months for more than 100 members, looking now it’s ca $ 10 just for how long?

You could also do a facebook group which is just online page of whatever interest you can share pictures and knowledge etc. I gave up FB since it’s not anymore my cup of tea.

To meet virtually “Live” with several persons via video, I can think only of zoom but I don’t personally know the app, I looked at meetup and some groups have a zoom live conference so it’s looks it’s doable :wink:


yeah, zoom is pretty easy to use and doesn’t even need an account for everyone (only the host needs a free/paid account)


that was tried Christmas day, too much of a mixup

and sium11, I did have a genealogy one and like this, peoiple just get tired of it or bored with it or just plain don’t want to do it. there were other pages I did join but they eventually stopped. andf facebook is next, theres all the stuff I like doing there, really nice so guess I will stick to facebook, did try the google groups but nada, and yahoo had a bunch but recently closed all of the groups, there were a lot of good ones there as well. so guess facebook is it. unless I find something else/ and I don’t mean just genealogy either

and guess for viki I will wait & see about the pages I do have here.


@frustratedwriter what is it that you like to do? Craft? Food? Or Books?

  1. crafts, like crochet, sewing
    2 find new recipes like cooking and baking
    3 of course genealogy research
    4 gardening, learning, how tos, and even trades
    5 greet the "kids here, create friends which there was one like that on here some time ago
    6 talk about favorite actors & actresses, not just K dramas or C dramas
    7 books and more books, scifi, mysteries, cozy mysteries and more
    8 yeah learning different languages, and thats been on before too.
    9 even talking about the dramas past present and future
    10 probably more ,


I met some Vikians years ago and it was fun. Back in 2016 I went to Kcon in Paris and was wondering if some vikians where going too so we could maybe meet up and so it happened. We met up to queue together for Kcon, went to some shops that sold kpop and kdrama goodies and the next day we decided to go to a Korean restaurant. So I suggest you just make a topic and see what happens.


I guess I am kinda chicken about it.


lets take a poll then…would you join a Zoom meetup?

  • Yes
  • No

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I guess I can try it again