Meeting time inactive due to region problem

Well, it’s great to create first live trivia events like Summer Subathon but, some regions may have disadvantages like India(IST) and south east countries as they are 12:30 hours ahead of PDT so as the meeting event starts at 10:00 AM PDT but for us that time would be 10:30-11:00 PM, i.e., Normal sleeping hours as I wanted to attend the Zoom meeting in a cyber cafe tbh I wish next time I could attend the second live trivia meeting… :expressionless: :neutral_face: :roll_eyes:
Anyway people interested can attend this wonderful event as it rolls mood and has a lots of fun with games and suprises.***Zoom Link:***Launch Meeting - Zoom.

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I honestly think it’s impossible to make it work for everyone, I’m lucky this time (according to the converter it’s 19.00) so I will be sitting in my car outside the dojo. But the world is really big and the once working for Viki (not volunteers) probably looked at the time that could work for most people. I do hope you can join next time.