I was just wondering if you’ve ever met a vikian in person? I’ve never met any and would love to hear some stories. And on the same note, I heard that there was an event a long time ago that had a meet up for volunteers? I think that sounds so fun. Just an opinion haha. But then it would be extremely expensive

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Yes, I met 5 Vikians when I went to Kcon in Paris last year and it was fun and all that thanks to the topic I made on this forum. I was going alone and I was like maybe other Vikians are planning to go too.

So my suggestion is just make a topic when you go to some event and would like to meet some Vikians. It will most likely not work with any event but if you are planning on going to a more well known convention or concert who knows…


Well I haven’t yet met anyone in person but I have made friends through the telephone and facebook. I am talking for hours for things outside the drama world as well with six girls. And in a couple of days hopefully I will meet with one

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I met 4 vikians in person and 3 meetups so far. :slight_smile: A lot of contributors live in my city or around-ish so we met up!

Usually if we know we are going to be in the same city,we contact the person and say XYZ I am going to be in your city would you like to meet up? Normally we have talked for hours and so it isn’t that awkward or creepy.

I think the last event was Dramaworld Premiere in LA.


I think that would be awesome! here in the USA my state NC, yeah!!

check out in your area. A lot of times there are drama meetup groups in your area. I co organize for a kdrama/movie meetup for a large metropolitan area in the U.S. It is still a small meet up under 150 people. If you don’t have one in your area you can start your own meetup. I believe that site is world wide.


hey thanks for that bit of info! I will definitely check that out. thanks