Melting me softly is just amazing


i mean the hole idea is just different and i’m in love with the fact that they managed to fall in love in just 31,5 degrees however the plot twist that really shocked me was the return of Mi Ran to the freezing capsule for 3 extra years. i highly commander watching it it’s just beyond the imagination and that love story is just unique cuz not all of the first loves work and that’s a matter of fact and this series proves it so falling in love can be more than once. we all know that falling in love for the first time is nice and new and amazing but living your hole life with the person who actually accepted your love is much more better and it definitely doesn’t have to be your 첫사랑.


@noweeerrr - I finished that just a couple of weeks ago. Not my usual drama at all…don’t like fantasy at all but I am a huge fan of Ji Chang Wook so I gave it a shot. Happy I did cause I loved it. It is a beautiful love story - highly recommend this drama.


oKAY hands up, everyone who watched it just for Ji Chang Wook!:joy::raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman:


I definitely started watching this drama because of Ji Chang Wook. I felt that drama was about to end around 12th episode but in 15th episode a major event happens. Basically I felt the episodes were wasted and the tempo wasn’t consistent. Also, the idea of cryogenic chambers wasn’t really new to the people who have watched Hollywood movies. Overall, I was little disappointed in the story. But Ji Chang Wook had some really cool scenes in the drama.

Like these:


they did make a reference to Captain America, remember? :joy: Ji Chang Wook as Captain Korea man I lost it
But yeah, overall it was a kinda boring drama interspersed with some cool scenes…the only reason I stayed till the end was because I’m a Wookie fan, otherwise it was just mehhh hope his new web-drama doesn’t disappoint!!


@vivi_1485 So true!


The only reason I stayed on was because I was an English editor. I would have dropped it after the first few episodes. What a disappointment! The kiss scene in the shower was good, all the rest less than meh.


The entire drama seemed to have been made for that scene alone :grimacing: though I was shocked when he had that kiss scene with the other woman I DID NOT expect that even though it was just a dream sequence!