Memes on viki volunteering community


Hello, every one this topic is only about memes on our volunteer members and about subtitle teams. Show some love on this thread.


It’s really hard to choose isn’t it??



Viki community memes



:rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:


You’ve an IG page for our Telugu Community??? That’s awesome!!

I am looking forward to spend more of my hearts on this thread!


Yeah I’m one of the admins overthere.


Actually I’m posting them here first.


This is cheating :sob::sob: everyone on our team had their hopes up, but… :sob::sob:


Squid game reference you will be shocked hahahhah

Squid Game - Love it or hate it?

I found this interesting.
Subbing team!


I’m team subs.

I turn on subs even for English, because I don’t like having the BGM on so loud when the audio is very low in certain series, so I just watch it with subtitles on and a reasonable volume. I really dislike it when the background music or noise is so much louder than the audio. It saves you from having to replay to hear what the character said :unamused:.


Especially, they help you a lot, when you are watching in noisy areas.


I get sensory overload and a few years ago needed complete silence, so I started watching everything without sound, that’s when I started watching Kdramas, I usually have the sound on very low in my headphones and subtitles on. I find NF annoying at times, they don’t sub English in a foreign language show,


IKR?! Even though I’m used to both languages, it’s disconcerting… especially when I have to rewind and turn up the volume just to know what was spoken


yes yes this is what i was looking for. thanks!!! i did not know it existed