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I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes I’m so annoyed with the messages I get from the Project finder. I’m a CM of a few channels and last week I got a message from it from someone wanting to help with the English translation. But that project is finished for more then a year already! And there are many of those messages where people want to work on older projects in a language that’s already complete!
Also sometimes I get messages for projects I don’t seem to manage as I don’t recognize the title. Maybe it’s a project I do manage but translated in a language I don’t know? And sometimes it fails to state the language someone wants to sub into.

All in all my inbox is spammed with those messages and I want it to stop. Is there a way I can stop those messages? If someone wants to help with a project in a language that isn’t complete or has a team working on it fine… but now I get messages I don’t need as they want to work on something that is finished or they should contact the language moderator and not me.

Are there more CM’s who are facing this problem and how do you handle it?


No, you’re not the only one annoyed with the messages from the Project Finder.
Every time I receive one, I tell the person who sent it to write her/his message by her/himself.

Plus sometimes there is bug and the language is not showing up so seeing “I’d like to translate into .” I’m just like “Well, yes you would like to help, but into which language?”, plus the fact there is an episode especially precised in the message is a bit annoying too because we don’t really know if the one who sent the message just wants to sub this episode or wants to participate on the whole project. (I already saw someone who just wanted to translate one episode in particular).

The worse I think is when you receive ten times the same message and have to repeat yourself. I really like to answer to people, but when I have to say exactly the same thing to ten people in a row, I am so annoyed and I’m not wanting to answer anymore, but I still do it again and again. Plus, when it’s an automatic message from Project Finder, for me it’s like if I was answering to a robot and I don’t like this at all.

For the title, I think it is because the title is translated in another language.


At first I answered those messages but now I ignore them (after reading) and delete them all every once in a while. I noticed many people are just looking for any project to work on and send many of those messages. But they are not really interested in the project itself. Now I also get messages to work on an episode they cannot even work on yet because the English subs are not even done.

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I receive those messages on a daily basis and about 100% of the time all episodes have been completed in English. Now days, for the popular languages, I reply asking them to please list for me the episodes which are not at least 95% done in ________ (language). And I tell them before writing to other channel managers, to please actually look at the channel and checking to see if the channel really does need their help. If the language is less popular, I do add them like Finnish or Swedish.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for writing in about this! We’re aware of this and have forwarded it to our engineering team to look into.

Viki Community Team

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That’s great @camiille thanks. Hopefully my inbox won’t be spammed so much in the future. I still have 300 unread messages at this point and I think 80-90% are messages from the Project Finder.

On the Project Finder it says to send a message to the Channel Manager and there is a direct link to that. This should go! Instead, a link to the drama’s main page and instructions to find the moderator for one’s language.

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