Mexico City Earthquake

Thinking of all our Viki friends in Mexico City and the other states affected by today’s earthquake. Saying a prayer and hoping you are all doing okay. Please let us know when you can.


I{m glad you post this I was planning to do the same thing. We have a lot of subbers from Mexico City and right now is going through such tragic events. At 7pm the last count of dead was 119 and many trapped.

A prayer for Mexico and the many people out there that has lost their loved ones, many children as young as 5 years old. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Mud slices and many catastrophic events hitting at the same time.

Of course our main objective should be donating and making sure we give no matter how small the amount may be bc every little bit helps and goes a long way.

Please also pray for everyone and my family in PR who are awaiting a more devastating hurricane. Although the first one was not so severe it seems this one will be a direct hit on the Island.

To all volunteers here at viki-Rakuten who are from Mexico my heart and prayers are with you. May you have the strength to endure all this. My deepest sympathy to all who has lost a love one in this tragic day.


I just saw some videos, this is very scary, I never want to witness such, sending prayers and strength to the ones in need… so many disasters lately… I wonder what is really happening to our planet… :pray:


I don’t wonder. Earth is pissed off, and very rightly so. How have we been taking care of her?

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also those Hurricanes plowing down on those states too. Prayers certainly for Mexico

@sim11 Religious people say that we are really in the END of times as predicted in the bible. I personally blame the hadron collider the greed of man is destroying the earth.

Scientist predicted that the hadron collider would cause Earthquakes of mass proportions and make holes inside the earth. We see now more sinkholes than ever all over the world. Although they know the dangers this machine has caused it was turned back on:

PUBLISHED:Wed, Jul 27, 2016

SHOCK CLAIM: Large Hadron Collider ‘shut down after causing massive earthquake’

THE Large Hadron Collider (LCH) was shut down after causing a magnitude 7 earthquake which shook the whole planet, it has sensationally been claimed. theorists claim the huge scientific installation, triggered a magnitude seven earthquake in Vanuatu, in the south Pacific which was so strong it was described as “shaking the planet”.

They claim the quake, in Norsup on Malakula Island, started just 15 minutes after the last burst of energy into the LHC, which then was shut down.
A number of other conspiracy theorists believe the LHC has been causing quakes since it was first turned on. (This machine was turned on in 2008 scientist predicted that within 4 years the earth would start showing the damage this invention would cause to the core of the earth).

The devastating earthquake in Japan 2011

There are even claims it was responsible for the devastating Nepal earthquake of April 2015 in which around 8,000 people perished and 21,000 were injured.

We all know about the earthquake in Chile that killed so many people. 300 ppl died in 2016 in central Italy earthquake. The list goes on …They called this machine GOD’s Particle I call it ‘’–The Destruction of earth particle–’’

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind’’- John F. Kennedy

The war doesn’t need an army with guns. The war to be more rich, powerful, will one day become our doom. There is so much abuse this earth can take and we are seeing that right now.

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@irmar I know exactly the planet is responding to the way it has been treated, what I meant with “I wonder” what kind of consequences are ahead of us. With increased population there is more fuel burnt and pollution, with all the Haarp weather manipulation and atom testing plus axis shift and natural changes we cannot outrun earth reaction.

Mankind power struggle and greed is leading to self destruction, I wonder if these ego men are aware of it?
I truly feels sorry towards the next generation and hope they will wake up in time to overhaul lifestyles if they want to live a bit more longer… problem will be food and water supply… is already in some parts…
PS Ive never heard of the collider, thanks for the info I’m googling it now…