"MIMI" drama talk! :D

Hahahahahaha I can’t stand lee min ho in BOF… I love him everywhere except that one drama

Awwww my doojoon :’(

yea the hair was just… that hair… HAHAHAHA

he acted great in BOF though in my opinion, loved him, just wish his hair was straight.

I can’t remember if the acting was good haha I am happy that I fell for him while watching Faith so it was okay when I watched BOF lol

oh… who finished MIMI like i did???

Me :frowning: poor girl I am so heartbroken right now

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i didnt want to spoil it for anybody but *SPOILER i wanted to scream on here : WHYYYYYYY GOD OH IT HURTSSSS!!!

i really was so crying my butt off, like seriously. im glad we can share in this T.T yup, they 49-dayed-it for you. but at least he didnt stay alone :./ omg i was crying hard at first i was like “i knew it” but then i couldnt stop the hurt!!


i seriously cant take these kinds of dramas anymore LOL ill end up like this

the ost was fantastic though :./

here are some of the ost i could find… and the lyrics of “(because i love you)i have to forget you” made me want to pass out from pain lol that was REALLY the end of me…



sorry some are not out with eng sub yet,and some dont have lyric vids




not all are out yet :confused: like the instrumental :frowning: (which i want the most) but this is what is out so far

btw guys, i know this is not a MIMI ost, but there is an instrumental song at the begining of MIMI’s episodes (you know, the mysterious-like song that plays at the opening?), and to me its soooooooooooo pretty i am just DYING for it to come out in youtube with the rest of the ost. but there is a song from a cartoon(ive never seen this cartoon but i heard this song ) and it sounds SO much like it!!

they both use violins. whoever gets a chance should DEF. check this song out (from the cartoon). its sooo beautiful…


another really nice one O.O instrumental i can cry LOL


piano version (much better)


I was so mad at him … can’t believe that he did that… poor innocent girl T-T

SPOILER to those who didnt finish LOL u mean, you were mad because of the one he stayed with? well, im glad he was able to move on and have a life with someone who was coping aswell with her own losses, and she wasnt bad she just annoyed me a bit, because they went through all the trouble to show all the beauty in his and mimi’s love, only to leave our hearts broken T.T and i didnt want noone else with him but mimi :confused:

No … that he caused the accident where mimi died… I he wouldn’t have run away to show her that he’s right it wouldn’t have happened…
But I am happy that he is together with her because that’s something MIMI wanted

ahhh okay xD well, he didnt know it was gonna happen :confused: but i understand. yea she did want that. but WHYYYY DRAMAS WHY MUST YOU KILL US WITH SUCH HEARTBREAKING MOMENTS?

oh God WHY?? this just came out it has spoilers for the last episode guys


I knowwww but again… someone who is dead can’t come to live again ,just bcs humans want to…
49 days message much

it is a 49-day- message yea u got that right :confused: 3 matches, three tears, but at least he stould with someone at the end.

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