Mini-dramas and short films

Hi guys, well as the title of this entry says I really want to know what mini dramas or short films Viki has available… After watching 20’s I’m a little obsessed with these short stories (2 episodes or less than 5) and I really would like to know what mini dramas or short films do you guys recommend… :slight_smile: Thank you

HI, I have a few of my projects that are Short films, I will leave you the links here:
Bye, old times
To Each a Flower
Beijing Love Story
Chong Qing Love Story
Qing Dao Love Story
Truth Or Dare- Finale
Happy Birthday

Good luck with your Short films/mini dramas Hunting I would like to know more too


Hope for Dating


OH MY GOD!!! I didn’t even know there was such a thing!! LOL I have a few movies I plan on checking out but I’ll have to see what this whole mini-drama is!!! :smiley:


I love MA BOY!! its sooo cute seriously i suggest this one to you. its only 3 episodes
gender bender,boy dresses as girl this time xD

and the guy is soo cute xD

in this mini drama, they are supposed to both be highschool students, but in real life, she was 14 here and he was 21

here’s the trailer xD


i actually didnt really like that one. i mean, siwan is adorablee!!! and i love boa and daniel is cute but i didnt like how open the end was T.T but thats just me : )

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my GOD ROFLMFAO!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhk I have seen that one I thought it was like a Movie broken down!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a playlist of some KBS drama specials they’ve posted to their Youtube; pretty sure they’re all English subbed because…KBS World. Cheers ^^


Thank you so much

omooo thank you so much! I sense a week of short dramas coming!

i forgot to mention, i watched the special drama episode called : “My friend is alive” with kikwang and i loved it but it was very sad. i still love it tho, but if ur weak at the heart… it may not be for u. its about best friend boys and one is dying of cancer and the friend who is dying never had his first kiss yet. even tho it was sad i loved the message it left. the end was a beautiful message between best friends

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Heyy guys!!

I recently became the CM of the upcoming short dram a"Why I’m getting married"
Come support the channel so hopefully we can get it licensed!! ^^


Submitted hope we get it looks interesting!!!

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Just finished watching 20s very sweet minidrama that just randomly started after ep 6 of ** Cunning Single Lady** really enjoyed it!!

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ahhh!! you just watched 20’s now?? i soo love that drama xD one of the few that had a good end and i just love kikwanngg

i must rewatch this soon

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Thank you dear!!!
I really hope we can get the license and watch it here!!! ^^

I was thinking about re watching it too after MIMI ended : (

T.T why girl WHHYYY!!! hahaha these mini dramas kill me sometimes… hahaha

yes, kikwang is worth watching twice xD hahaha we need a pick me up after that one T.T

Lol I thought you were going to watch something that started with H…lol

Hahahaha I will watch it after that lol
That’s why I was thinking about re watching :smiley: