Mirror of the Witch Actors.(Don't post spoilers.)

Since everyone is talking about it I’d figure I’d ask y’alls opinion.

Kim Sae-Ron is 15

Yoon Si-Yoon is 29

Yes I know this is a drama ,but that doesn’t change the fact that she is a minor. She is a wonderful actress ,but this role for me is a no go. If people say they ship this it will make them look creepy lol. I’m curious since everyone has their own opinion about it how do you feel about it? Is this a big deal in Korea?

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Honestly, I don’t understand why everybody is so up in arms about this girl being 15? No, really? I don’t understand. Is it because of they will share a passionate kiss or because being 15 she somehow ruins female viewer’s fantasies due to self-identification with the main character?

The only problem I personally see is exploitation of a minor. Since we all know Korean laws are not exactly perfect, most likely she will be overworked and underpaid. Basically, she is slaving off for future fame. I just hope the director didn’t sleep with her prior to hiring - Korean directors are total sleazeballs and they treat actresses like … well, you know.

Since this is a historical drama, most likely, she is not going to kiss the guy and there will be no sex scenes. So why everybody is so upset about her being a teenager? Unless we are going to see a hot sex scene in the near future, I don’t think it is a real problem.

Last, but not least. The most important thing to me personally is that she acts well. If it was Uee (who is 28 BTW) I would be extremely upset. Or Yoona. Or Krystal. All three cannot act. But this girl seems to work her butt off. She is doing a decent job, no complaints from me.

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Really? For me, I think Uee is a decent actor, a good one, even. I’ve seen her in Ho-gu’s Love and Marriage Contract and she acted quite well in both dramas. Though, maybe she can only act a certain role that suits her, because I heard that she is not that good in High Society (or is that just Sung Joon?). Anyway, I enjoyed her acting.

I think the Hollywood scene is not far from the same when it comes to success with directors or other similar success activity. Even in the corporate ladder it can be abused. I think for her age she acts quite mature, she is a sweet girl, I think if there were some romancing parts they might even use a double.

I am biting my tongue not to say anything back, because it’s going to be nasty. Biting my tongue. Again. And again. And again. Biting it really hard. I think I might have some blood on my tongue by now.

See? I didn’t say anything bad. But trust me, I have a lot to say.

I am glad you think Uee is a decent actor. I really am. No, actually I am not. But I am not going to say anything nasty.

At this point, I have no tongue left.

It just means that we have different tastes, isn’t it? Because a lot of people who enjoyed Marriage Contract feels like Uee has improved a lot, as an actress. Eventhough, I’ll be honest, Marriage Contract is not really my cup of tea. I mean, I like it, but not that much. It could be due to the fact that it’s about terminal illness which is not my favourite genre.
So, no need to bite your tongue that hard. You’ll still need to use it to talk, don’t you? Let’s all be nice and respect other people’s tastes. Like I’ve seen you comment on another thread and it looks like you are a fan of Lee Min-ho. I don’t mind, it’s your taste after all, although for me, I don’t really enjoy his acting. I can never get into any dramas that he did, no matter how good people said they were. But I don’t mind, because each to their own. And I admit, he is quite a good actor, just not the one for me. :blush:

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Aaaaaaaaa! Please, please, please, I beg you! Please, don’t say anything good about Uee. I am trying not to say anything bad as hard as I can. But you are making it much harder for me by saying that Uee has improved a lot as an actress.


Okay, I am going to say only this: I have nothing against Uee as a person. She seems (seems because I don’t know her personally) sweet and kind. When she participated in the reality show, she was cute and funny.

But an actress she is not. She cannot act for nothing. If you compare two things: Uee and a fish, a fish is a much better actress than Uee. Actually, a wooden log can act better than Uee. Uee cannot act. Most viewers like her because… and this is where I have to bite my tongue again. Trust me, not for a good reason.

One more thing: I had to quit watching three different dramas because of Uee. She ruined them for me. Completely ruined. My only wish for her is to get happily married and have 100 kids and no babysitters so she will be busy taking care of her kids instead of ruining dramas for Kdrama addicts like me.

i found your post really funny!
mmmm I am not sure where i stand on the uee spectrum but i liked subbing Marriage Contract!

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So, have you tried watching Marriage Contract? Because if you haven’t, please try it first. And if you have, and you still think Uee’s acting is rubbish, well, I have nothing to say then. We must have different tastes, indeed.

I did watch Marriage Contract. I only missed two episodes, I watched the rest. In every single episode I had to fast forward all the scenes with Uee in them because I just couldn’t watch her due to her poor acting. The way she acted around the little girl was atrocious. She was supposed to play her mother. Instead, she acted as if she was her unni. The little girl acted better than Uee. The giraffe in one of the episodes acted better than Uee. In her infamous bus station scene, where she cried because she lost her phone on the bus, she was disgusting. Uee’s face was completely emotionless.

I also tried Hogu’s Love, High Society and She Was Pretty. Uee ruined all those dramas for me.

No, it is not about the tastes. It is more than just the taste. I know why you like Uee and it is not a good reason, trust me. But I am not going to comment on this matter. To each his own.

I try to be funny, but in real life it is much easier. When I just write stuff down, it doesn’t sound that funny.

Are you British? I actually didn’t notice Uee’s acting… i got carried away with the way the child actor and Lee Seo Jin interacted and absorbed into Lee Hwi Hyang’s acting

That one is more towards the writer’s fault. [quote=“rustravelinfo17_506, post:10, topic:10086”]
I also tried Hogu’s Love, High Society and She Was Pretty. Uee ruined all those dramas for me.
I believe She Was Pretty is acted by Hwang Jung Eum. :relaxed:

No, pray tell, what is the reason? Because of her face? Because of her body? Is that it? Because if that is so, then you’re wrong. And I don’t know whether it’s the style of your writing, but it seems like you’re looking down to people who have different feelings than yours.

Haha :laughing: I’m quite flattered.
What makes you think I’m British? I am Asian, actually. English is my second language. But in my country we are taught English using the British syllabus, and when I’m learning English on my own, I often use American-English, so sometimes I mixed them while speaking/writing/typing.

Reading back on this whole thread, I just realized that we’ve hijacked your thread originally made for discussing Mirror of the Witch to talk about Uee /Marriage Contract. I am so sorry. Please don’t be mad, because God knows, that if somebody else uses my thread to talk about something that is not related about the main topic and it goes on and on and on, I’d be really offended. So, I am sorry once again. :sweat:

Also, about the whole Mirror of the Witch shenanigans, I have nothing to say about it. I’m just going to watch the whole show first, and then I’ll make up my mind whether it’s acceptable or not. But so far, my only thought is this: the drama is a sageuk, so the most thing that can happen is a kiss. Even then, I don’t think they’ll kiss on the lips. It might be a kiss on the cheek, just like how Kim So-hyun is kissed by Yook Sung-jae in Who Are You: School 2015. They might not even kiss. Also, I kept thinking about the fact that long ago, it is the norm for young girls to marry older men, some even older than the girls’ fathers, so the drama maybe is portraying that?

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I think the drama Mirror of the Witch (I joined because of the team) is cute. I like Kim Saeron’s char for the 20 min I watched.

Yeah, I like the characters, the development so far and the environment of the show. It feels so dark, and that’s the way I like my show to be. And there is also this fairytale-feel to the whole drama which makes it really fun to watch. I am hoping that the drama will continue to be so and not start getting light and fluffy the moment the main characters start liking each other.

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Uee was in Ep.9 in She Was Pretty. Ok, she didn’t ruin the entire drama She Was Pretty, just that part. I didn’t want to go into technicalities.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to hijack your thread either. I won’t post anymore. I said everything I wanted to say on the matter, I cannot add anything else.

No, it was not the norm for young girls to marry older men at that time. Usually young girls married young men from the same or neighboring village. However, occasionally young girls would marry older men, but it wasn’t the norm.
We do not really know what is going to happen in this drama. It feels more like a fairy tale, so I doubt it is going to be too romantic.
My favorite character in this drama is the smoking ball (the ghost) that keeps laughing while flying. I think it’s neat, although somewhat scary and even a bit funny.