MIX_AND_MATCH_IKON_VOTE_please vote for Yang Hongseok

Anybody have been following Team b from Yg enternaiment (same company as spy gangnam style) ?
Here is their profile http://ygfamilyyblog.wordpress.com/yg-entertainment/people-you-probably-want-to-know-in-yg/team-b/
They went through a survival show last year called “Win who is next” where they lost and now three of the original members are competing again in mix and match survival show to see if they can debut as IKON (name of the group)

Here’s some videos of them performing in the first survival where they lost
Just another boy


Their new song :Wait for me

Sub unit collaboration in mix and match singing " I want you" with a new member Yang Hongseok

If you like what you see and want them to debut as a group then you can vote for them on the 30 of this month, next friday on facebook mix and match app .

I personally support Yank Hongseok and would like to gather as many vote as possible for him . Please vote for him and the 3 original members
Yang Hongseok
Koo Junho
Song Yunhyeong
Kim Donghyunk