Moderator Application for Inbox Error Victims

Hi everyone, for those who want to apply for a moderators position and are facing the error 400 or 404. I will help out.

I can only promise 5 PMs a day, if it is more either another helping hand is coming in would be appreciated or it will take a little longer. Sorry, I only can promise what I am able to keep.

I will use a group message to you and the CM.

This is how it will look like:

Don’t forget the header - “Language” Moderator for …


I would like to be … your text and the don’t forget channel and position!

This is what I will add to your message

P.S. I am sending this message for xy/VikiID, as she/he currently has a problem with the inbox, Viki is working on it. So you can just reply to this message, as it goes to her/his inbox as well if the problem is solved until then, she/he can contact you directly otherwise I will let her/him know.
Thank you - lutra

For now, I got applications for:
My Roommate is a Gumiho - CM lostindramaland

12th June - nekofaetigar, crimac


I am also willing to help.
You can send me a PM on Discussions. :wink:


But the question still remains, do the CMs have their inbox working? I wonder if the CMs themselves are victims, but giving it a try won’t hurt (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


A good option for inbox issues for CMs is to post a note on your profile wall to direct all inquiries about the channel into Viki Discussions private messaging system.


Where in the discussions would the link send the CMs to? What/where is this ‘private messaging system’ you are referring to? Thanks

I send the application to the CMs in a group message (CM, applicant, me) through my inbox. When the system works the applicant can reply, if not I will inform her/him here.

Same as you inbox at Viki you have one here at discussions. You see my profile picture at the comment, click on it, and it will enlarge and show more information as well as an envelope. Click on the envelope, and you will be able to write a message.

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First, one’s user name in is usually the same as here in Discussions. So, you can easily find the person you are looking for.

Second, you can send a PM to that person either directly from their profile page on Viki Discussions (blue button, upper right corner).

Or by clicking on that person’s name in any of the discussion threads. For example, if you click on my name above this post, a menu opens where you can send a PM directly to me.


Understood! Thanks

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It seems that applications for My Roommate is a Gumiho has been closed, because the French position of moderator has been chosen.
No news about the Italian until now, will let you know, when I get the information.

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