Modern Japanese Pop/Hip-Hop you should listen to (KPop fans also)

Hi, I just thought I add some modern Japanese Pop and Hip-Hiop to this so people who have no idea what modern Japanese Pop and Hip-Hop sounds like can find out how it actually sounds like…

I will not put up so much, cause that would be toooo much I guess^^ Ok, so if you have something to say about it than please let a coment here. And another notice is that I will try to post not that old songs, what means that I only pick up songs from 2012-2018


Act: Nissy (He is a member of the group “AAA”)
Song: The Days (He is so so cute in here…)
Year: 2017

Act: Nissy
Song: The Eternal Live
Year: 2017

Act: SKI-HI (Member of “AAA”)
Song: Marble
Year: 2017

Act: Shuta Sueyoshi (He is a member of “AAA”)
Song: Run Away (This song is fully in English)
Year: 2017

Act: Uno Misako (She is a member of AAA)
Song: どうして恋してこんな ( Eng: Why do you fall in love with this?)
Year: 2017

Act: AAA (Attack All Around)
Song: NEW (This was filmed at the same spot as for example Red Velvet-Ice cream cake)
Year: 2016

(BTW AAA is a good friend to the Korean Group EXO and SKI-HI is a very good friend to half of EXO (Baekhyun, D.O, Chanyeol, Suho and Xiumin) and EXO was the opening act of AAA on the last Japan-tour in 2017)

Act: Hiroomi Tosaka (He is a member of the boygroup "J Soul Brothers)
Song: LUXE feat. Afrojack & CRAZYBOY
Year: 2018

Act: J Soul Brothers
Song: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!
Year: 2015 (and damn this views, over 32 million!)

Act: J Soul Brothers
Song: J.S.B. Love
Year: 2017

Act: J Soul Brothers
Song: R.Y.U.S.E.I
Year: 2014 (Damn over 122 million views!)

Year: 2013

Song: Y.M.C.A
Year: 2017

Year: 2017

Act: E-girls
Song: RYDEEN-Dance All Night
Year: 2014

Act: Happiness
Year: 2017

Act: Ayumi Hamasaki (She is Asia’s most famouse female vocal and 6st richest female vocal on the whole earth)
Song: Warning
Year: 2015

Act: Ayumi Hamasaki
Song: Summer diary
Year: 2015

Act: FlowBack
Song: Come A Long Way
Year: 2016

Act: lol
Song: Ladi dadi
Year: 2015

Song: Cry
Year: 2016

Act: Perfume
Year: 2016 (Damn over 43 million views…)

Act: MeseMoa
Song: ShadoowKiss (thos damnly much gay kisses…)
Year: 2017

Act: GEM
Song: Sugar Baby
Year: 2016

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