Mongolian dramas and movies?


Hi!! Thanks for remembering me!! How have you been?
Yeah, I haven’t been on as often since I was busy with school work. Now that my homework load has lightened, I’ve started watching dramas again. However, I’ve been watching older dramas, nothing too new.


Yes I do remember you! :smile: :blush: you’ve expanded my knowledge base on Mongolia, and their culture. :blush:
Nice! Congrats on conquering your intellectual goals, so far! :books: ✓ I watch a bit of everything, but I’m going at my own pace. Plus I also have work! :wink:


look on MYDRAMALIST it has a 2 year list, don’t know if its active. sounds good to me!!


I don’t know much about Mongolian culture myself, but whatever I find, I like to share since I do want to know more and maybe others want to as well :smiley:

Thank you! I’m graduating this semester so I’m excited about that!

Yes, it’s best to go at your own pace. I see comments of other people watching this new drama and that new drama, but in the end, we have our own lives.

May I ask what a two year list is?


two-year list of Mongolian dramas esp one for wolf totem


thanks for the explanation!


I just wanted to share this interesting video featuring a Mongolian instrument, the Morin Khuur!


This music is from the Chinese game Genshin Impact. I’m putting it here because the instruments used are the Mongolian morin khuur and the Chinese guzheng. Together, the sounds of the instruments evoke different feelings in one song. I hope you enjoy!


The Mongolian morin khuur

The Chinese guzheng