Mongolian dramas and movies?


I was looking at Mongolian script yesterday, and suddenly the thought came to me that I haven’t seen any Mongolian dramas or movies. Can anyone give me suggestions as to which Mongolian drama/movie is worth watching, and where I can watch them? I rather learned a lot about Korean culture just by watching a few dramas and then doing research about the culture, when in the past I didn’t even know where Korea was. I wonder if I can have a little insight into Mongolian culture as well through a movie or drama…

Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)

I found this band some time ago thanks to youtube’s suggestions:

It’s not a show but cool though (imo)


Wow, that is awesome! Mongolian throat singing is so unique and I love how it is incorporated with a modern music style. I’ve seen a few videos of throat singing, but I haven’t come across that one before.

I just found this video, and boy are the clothes gorgeous! I’m trying to imagine a Mongolian historical drama with these costumes, and I’m sure I would be entranced!

I discovered this video yesterday, somehow…I am enchanted with her voice and the language!


The costumes are interesting, some aspects remind me to Tibetian and Indonesian costumes.

Her voice is beautiful. In some older Chinese/Hong Kong movies the melodies/singer’s voices were similar. Somehow in modern Chinese dramas they sing different.


Great topic guys. I know your question wasn’t answered yet, but I really enjoyed the MVs :smile:


I discovered a Chinese drama recently called The Legend of Kublai Khan. It was aired in 2013, but sadly, Viki doesn’t seem to have it. According to the synopsis, the story spans 70 years and leads up to the founding of the Yuan dynasty. Here is a picture of the cover:


I also discovered a film called Mongol:The Rise of Genghis Khan directed and written by Russians using the Mandarin and Mongolian languages. It was an Oscar nominee in addition to winning other awards. It’s rated R for violence, so that might be something to consider before watching.

I would like to find a Mongolian film or drama set in modern days. I wish Viki would expand their horizons and expose parts of other Asian cultures to the world :slight_smile:


Since this thread branched out into Mongolian music, I’ll include some here! Please feel free to share any Mongolian related music or dramas here :smiley:


The voice of priarie life living, sounds like many a western trail singing, done by native indians, cowgirls, and cowboys traveling those long lone roads.

I saw that beloved musical instrument, so poignant in many a Korean historical dramas.




Wolf Totem

This is a Chinese movie directed by a French director that takes place in Inner Mongolia. I haven’t seen it yet, but I would love to! Sadly, Viki doesn’t have it.


ooh, you perfectly described the images I was having in my mind while listening to this music!

I thought of this young boy singing about grasslands and his mother when you wrote of prairie life. (song starts at 1:46)

Here’s another video with just the song, no applause interrupting his beautiful voice.


I saw the MONGOL movie many years ago, I believe the music was an authentic Mongol music and the group was invited somewhere to perform. I was impressed by the movie! Musik instruments and singing know no border in creativity, this video is made quite interesting:

Have you ever listened to throat singing I discovered it some time ago and think it’s fascinating, there are many varieties of it:


He immediately impressed the judges, and audience, his bearing is definitely not foolishly childish. The less you get of something, the appeal becomes more intriguing. I could listen to him tell more with his song, and not be bored.

There is a song that says, “no man is an island, no man stands alone”

People must communicate in some way, singing freely on the grasslands, as it was/is on the priarie is definitely a way to say hello (◕‿◕)


:smile::smile::smile: Unfortunately this type of singing is used in cinema, as forebodings, and of an upcoming scary happenings. So my association with it is negative. I didn’t finish the first video, but the second video showed a variety in shorter segments. The lighter type of singing is more intriguing :smile:


Maybe we can all request it! :slight_smile:



These works showcase the grasslands, and gives
snippets of the authentic Mongolian life. (◕‿◕ )






Thank you everyone! I’ll be sure to check out the songs and the shows :smiley:



Every time I notice jealousy in a drama, I can’t help but hear this song play in my mind!


Hi! good to see you’re around. :blush: It’s spring, lots of jealousy is about to spring up, resulting in, many broken :broken_heart: hearts :heart: :slightly_frowning_face: