More contents coming to viki

Have anybody seen this news? Just sharing in case you haven’t. I am super excited to read this. Did you find your fav on the list? Although maximum are korean titles so curious to know what chinese dramas they will add?

Although the news has been published Sep 6th, 2019, from our perspective as Viki volunteers it can’t really be classified as news. We’ve known about it since the beginning of this year. And most of the shows named on this list have been translated a long time ago.

Once DF closed, a sudden influx of completed dramas occurred. At first it gave a lot of headache to the Kor-Eng moderators and subbers because the entire dramas had been uploaded, all 16 or 20 episodes at once, and the viewers (especially the ones switching from DF to Viki) massively complained everywhere because of the “lack” of subs. They simply didn’t know how Viki works.

Anyway, after about a month of this drama, Viki learnt a lesson and started uploading episodes gradually, two per week. Meanwhile, all the other long planned projects on Viki suffered, as well, because there is a limited amount of Kor-Eng subbers on Viki and they were under too much pressure.

I’m happy we’re officially over this mess. And I’m very happy about some of the absolutely superb, out-of-the-box shows that Viki got, such as SKY Castle, Misty and Search: WWW. :clap: :clap: :clap:


I think this is also a matter for Chinese dramas especially since they usually have ~50 episodes, sometimes more, sometimes bit less.

Chinese translators are a league of their own. One person can single-handedly translate almost to perfection the entire episode in under two hours. And day after day after day…


I don’t know. Maybe it’s the English edit then what takes longer.

(Some teams for Chinese dramas/edits are really fast while others need more time, but I also thought about the other language’s teams and from my impression Chinese dramas overall need more time and have less subbers compared to Korean dramas.)


just a note to you all, I know and realize you guys have a time at times to do the subbing, now for this, the English language is a rough one to do, so many words meaning different things, there, their ,they’re and so on. thank you all for your efforts being subbers! I do appreciate what all of you are doing. we, the public doesn’t praise you guys enough! keep it up y’all!! and again thanks


@bozoli Thank you for mentioning Search: WWW - I started it two days ago - and I am in love … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ah, so nice that you like it! :blush: I think that drama strongly pushes all the prejudices about women. It was written by a rookie screenwriter and directed by a rookie director. You can tell that from the freshness of the whole drama.

I watched episode 16 just now and …
I love it all - the casting, the music, the acting, the camera, the sound. I found a new #1 for my most favorite drama list.
If there weren’t so many other dramas I still have not watched I wouldn’t mind going for a 2nd round, I not once touched the ff button rather I found myself rewinding quite often.
When sometimes a drama uses pausing for getting more suspense, I am like - why (?) because in so many other dramas the right timing is missed because the dialogues are already fillers. But here - I don’t mind one second - the mood of a drama is just so worth it. I didn’t have it on my radar, since I am watching dramas randomly that I missed out in the past 4-6 years (or so).
The last ones, starting with the newest addition to my list:
-Search: WWW :star_struck:
-Chief Kim :rofl:
-Fates and Furies :roll_eyes:
-Oh My Venus :thinking:
-Miss Hammurabi :slightly_smiling_face:
-Fight My Way :hugs:
-What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim :neutral_face:
-Her Private Life :neutral_face:
-Healer :wink:
-Pinocchio :wink:

If you have any other suggestion - I am open just not too much brutality. You can pm me or here

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