More J-Dramas?

I wonder why they’re not that many J-Drama channels on viki? Right now there are 2 very good dramas that are out now like “BORDER” with Oguri Shun and "Alice no Toge (Alice’s Thorns) with Ueno Juri. They are awesome dramas, I just wonder why they’re not more J-Dramas here. I’m sure they’re more J-Dramas that are out and great, but those two I am watching now. What about you all? What J-Dramas are you watching now, if any???

Viki once told me Jdrama is harder to get a license for when I did submit a Jdrama a few months ago so that’s why you don’t see many on Viki. I really like Jdrama too and the recent one I saw is “Boku no Ita Jikan” cried a river. My all time favorite is “One Litre of Tears”. I’m looking forward to "Silent Poor ", “Shinigami-kun” and “Gokuaku Ganbo”.

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oh well that is sad. But at least we get to watch them somewhere sometimes.

Currently we’re working on an action jdrama called STRANGERS 6, if you’re interested! :wink: