More shows like Oh My Geum Bi?

can anyone please recommend more shows like this one Oh My Geum Bi

this turned out to be one of my favorites yes I am a guy and yest i cried :slight_smile:

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Would you like a drama, where a child is sick, or an adult? Or is it about making it through hard times?
I am guessing so, some things might be for you and others don’t:

There is a movie called Meet Mr. Daddy, it’s not on Viki, but I really liked it and there is a Japanese movie
Not available to all, though. A regional restriction can happen, so my suggestions.

These are left and right options:

And there is an old 2005 drama Wonderful Life, it`s not on Viki and might actually not hit the tune I think you are looking for.
Good luck, in finding one for you!

SCANDAL MAKERS you will cry buckets.

is any good guys?

I did not watch God’s Gift, but I got different opinions about the drama.
But because you mentioned this one I remembered another one, which everyone praised, but I didn’t get to see either. Maybe this is something for you.

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and no one said anything about “marriage contract” this was a really good one. all thats been mentioned is great, loved scent of a woman, and thank you was awesome too, the on my geum bi was a tear jerker!!

a disease of the mind comes to mind"heal me kill me" how about Heckle,jeckle, & me. this was mentioned , the good doctor is awesome. the other drama not fantastic, but the other almost like it, not able to think of the name at the moment.

love all around, yes thats love

I saw your collection, since we have an overlap in the favorite drama section …
I think maybe:

Since I don’t know what you already watched, I would only go with these 5 at the moment

I have seen mother its one of my favorites