Most emberasing story in my life

This is a very emberasing story cause someone made me feel ashamed…

It was some months ago. I was new to my company and had no idea about the people I worked with. Than I got in trouble with someone, he used to swear at me in his mothertongue and cause I knew German and English wouldn’t really help, cause he spokes both languages and all people in that company know German and English, I thought of to let this stupid guy guess what I used to swear on him and so I wrote on a piece of paper in Korean “You are so dumb” and as he had no idea he trew the paper in the garbagecan, but later someone found the paper in the garbagecan and it was my boss. I first thought my boss was Chiinese, but as he asked me about this I was like “huh?” and than he said “Your grammar is so horrible” and I was like “what?” and than he told me he is Korean and than he used to make fun of me and he fooled me with something to know that it is not OK to swear at people in any kind of language if they speak it or not, but he made me feel emberased ans shaming at this moment as he told me I was stupid in the point of swearing in a different language to someone and than he endet it with that he draw the whole hangeul on a whiteboard that we have hanging in our office and I was like “I know…” but he said “You don’t!” and as I said I would learn Korean on my own alone he told me I shoould stop it. He said “Take Turkish or Japanese or Arabic but stoip to learn Korean!” I guess this is why I stoped some days later cause I more and more got to lazy tzo study on my own… xD ^^ Now I can read hangeul, know like 50 words, but have no idea what all the rest of the words are… xDD ^^


This bad experience should motivate you more to continue learning Korean. This is not an embarrassing story, is a learning experience.

I agree with the boss you should not swear in any language bc is better never to go down into those nasty people’s level. Walking away is better, if you want to annoy a person and make them feel really bad. Whatever they say to you: always walk away and don’t react no matter how angry you are.

I learn from my own experience. Some ppl. have told me ‘‘I rather you slap me in the face than walk away.’’ lol. You want to know why? It makes them feel guilty when they treat you so bad and you quietly retreat the battlefield.

I worked with a racist supervisor and she always picked on me although I was one of her best worker (I am hispanic, she’s Italian) One day she was insulting me about something I didn’t even do, but she accused me of doing it without first finding out if it was me or not.

The Vice President of the Bank in the Mortgage Department came to the Bank that day to check our work (we were doing a very important and complicated task). I usually walk away but that day all I told her in a low tone voice : Why are you always picking on me? You accused me, but give me the evidence I did that, bc it wasn’t me.

The next thing I see is, her answering the phone and immediately shaking like a leaf and almost in tears. The Vice President was screaming at her (he’s Italian like her) Later on he called me into one of the office and made her apologize to me, and even bought lunch for all of us workers (even the supervisor).

No need to tell you after that day I did no wrong and I got from her the best reference letter (the job was an 8 month temporary position).I figured if I scream back at her, I would have probably gotten fired on the spot. Although that time I didn’t walk away in silence, when I did talked I did it very softly. So, if you say something in your defense don’t say it in anger, speak calmly and low tone or just walk away and let them brew in their nasty anger lol

PS> Hope to hear you learned not 50, but 1,000 new hangul words.


As far I remember from what I allready learnd is to count “Hana, deul, set, et, net” and “Il, i, sam, sa, o” and “Sip” is the number 10 and isip is 20 ans isipsa would be 24^^

Than I remember:

soju-an Korean alcoholic drink
oneulbam-all night long
saranghe-I love you
joha habnida-I really like you
Pari-Paris /Fly (animal)

and than I rememberd that there are 4 versions how to say goodbye to someone: Anyeonghaseo, anyeonggiseo, anyeongkaeseo and anyeong.

On telephone you say yoboseo when someeone calls you^^

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THANK YOU! I’M Trying to learn korean too so I’M ADDING THIS words to my notes

LOL Good idea

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Good job, the gazettechan, in learning those Korean words. Here are a few corrections though.

  1. It’s “Hana, dool, set, net, daseot”
  2. tibi = TV
  3. suyoungjang = swimming pool
  4. oneulbam = tonight
  5. anyeonghaseyo = hello, (not goodbye)
  6. anyeonghi geseyo = goodbye if you are leaving (Ex. You can say it to the waitress when you are leaving a restaurant)
  7. anyeonghi gaseyo = goodbye if someone else is leaving and you are staying (Ex, a waitress could say it to the customer when the customer is leaving)
  8. anyeong = hello or goodbye (informal)

Good luck in learning more Korean words!


when written down is fine, but to say them correctly is half the battle. I’d hate to say a word and it isn’t correctly spoken , that would be embarssing

I have learned, yes, no, adussi, thank you( I won’t spell it) just a few words is all.

I.d love to speak a complete sentence in Korean, Japanese, Chinese I can speak some German, some French, a tad of Spanish.

speaking a whole sentence would be my goal.

yes you are right, saying swear words in any language just isn’t a good thing.
and just I agree too, it’s a learning experience.

ajumma2 #1 is one two three ( watched enough dramas to learn to count at least) thank you for your list, I am going to try and learn these"baby steps" right? and isn’t there a learning Korean here on viki??

theres a link called Babel to learn the languages. another one I don’t remember. you tube also has something, you ask , me why dont I, I just havent done it is all. and these links are really good, they will also teach you how to speak the words. Hmmm getting me to thinking here. have a great day everyone.

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THANKS! I will Fix my notes now.

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I know the struggle and I guess this is why I lost all my eford in learning and went to laz on it end endet up doing it. I’m all fine when I’m singing Korean songs (not everytime, cause when it is to hard, I quitt) but soometimes when I’m listening to music I just like to sing along… best to learn to be able to “speak” is I guess to sing along to easy songs like the songs of 2NE1, Big Bang or SNSD… ^^

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