Most new (and interesting) Korean dramas are "Plus"

See here, in the Korea category, under "new"

In number, the “Standard” titles offered seem to be the same. But if you look better, there are differences.
Dramas (42):
Winter Sonata, Recipe For Farewell, Weak Hero Class 1, Fanletter, Please, 2022 KBS Drama Special, Welcome to NCT Universe, Que Sera Sera, Besties in Wonderland, High Kick 2, Pet Me Pick Me, NewJeans Code in Busan, Time Between Dog and Wolf, Beauty-FULL, NEW Love and War, Vengeance of the Bride, Game of Witches, Bad Prosecutor, The Love in Your Eyes, Cheer Up, High Kick, AMANZA, Summer Scent, Becoming Witch, Father, I’ll Take Care of You, Lovers, Love Forever, Dopojarak: Story of Homme the K-Wanderer, Love Recall, Three Bold Siblings, No, Thank You, No, Thank You 2, It’s Beautiful Now, Tracer Season 1, Tracer Season 2, The Law Cafe, Lovers in Prague, Lovers in Paris, Moonshine, Love Twist, The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won, Moonshine, Through the Darkness
Variety (24):
I am Solo, Baby Singer, The Player: K-POP Quest, United Fathers, Change Days, Change Days 2, 2022 Idol Star Athletics Championships - Chuseok, NFS: National Forensic Service, Our Kid Has Changed, Returns, Idol Drawing Contest, Sikjahoedam(K-food Summit), DNA Singers, Black Sheep Game, Sleepover Club, Diet, EXO’s Travel the World on a Ladder in Namhae, Drink with God, Me(a)rry Queer (Reality), JOB DONGSAN, DNA Mate, Jinx, 2022 Korean Festival, Drink with God 2, Battle Trip 2

Dramas (35, but many of them are those that one would never think of watching: thrillers, melodramas, and others are dramas from past seasons that nobody has ever heard about):
Eden 2, New Love Playlist, Reborn Rich, Billlie, Summer Strike, Romantic City, Curtain Call, Love is for Suckers, Gaus Electronics, The Empire, The Good Detective, Mental Coach Jegal, Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist, Alice, the Final Weapon (thriller), Good Job, The Policeman’s Lineage,My Chilling Roommate (horror), Don’t Click (horror), Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me, Today’s Webtoon, Bad Girlfriend, Insider, To My Star 2, Andante (2017), The Killer’s Shopping List, Kill Heel, Sponsor, A Superior Day, Again My Life, The One and Only (melodrama), Artificial City (thriller), Show Window: The Queen’s House (melodrama), Crime Puzzle, Uncle,

These Dramas (although some of them are good) are not really new on Viki, I’ve watched most of them many months ago. So they shouldn’t really be on the list, it’s cheating. That’s why I’ve taken them out.
Miracle, From Now On, Showtime!, Why Her?, Military Prosecutor Doberman, Jinxed at First, Yumi’s Cells 2, Love In Contract,The Nokdu Flower, Eve, If You Wish Upon Me, Woori the Virgin, Sh**ting Stars, Ghost Doctor, Now We Are Breaking Up.

Young Actors’ Retreat (Variety), Pure Life (Variety), Queendom 2 (Variety)

BL (for some of us, it’s a category we never watch. Somehow, there were no BL in the PLUS category):
Oh! My Assistant (BL), Happy Ending Romance (BL), Roommates of Poongduck 304 (BL), Once Again (BL), Love Class (BL Web drama), Cherry Blossoms After Winter (BL drama), Kissable Lips (BL)

Other genres in the Standard category (web dramas and movies)


What the Standard category has in great quantity are those horrid web dramas I almost never watch (a plethora of them BL) and also movies, some of which were fished from the 2000’s, many are BL or horror or action (thus no option for me), and many are just condensed versions of successful web dramas (another no-no).

Web dramas:
Phantom School (web drama), Mimicus (web drama), Seasons of Blossom (Web drama), Hope or Dope (web drama), Hope or Dope 2 (web drama), The Witch Store (web drama, from the collection "Watched but I wish I hadn’t), The Witch Store Reopens (web drama), The Man’s Voice (web drama), Do You Love Me? (web drama), A Time to Remember (web drama), A Week’s Grace (web drama), Pumpkin Time (web drama), Would You Like a Cup of Coffee? (web drama), Best Mistake 3 (web drama), User Not Found (web drama)
BL Web dramas:
Oh! Boarding House (BL web drama), Ocean Likes Me (BL web drama), First love, Again (BL web drama), Semantic Error (BL web drama), Tinted With You (BL web drama), Behind Cut (BL web drama)

My 11th Mother (movie, 2007), Underground Rendezvous (movie, 2007), Love On-air (movie, 2012), We Are Brothers (movie, 2014), Detective K: Secret of Virtuous Widow (movie, 2011), Familyhood (movie from 2016), The Perfect Couple (movie, 2007), Two Faces of My Girlfriend (movie, 2007) Marathon (movie, 2005), The Amor (2015) Golden Holiday (movie, 2020), Spiritwalker (2021), The Peach Tree (movie, 2012), Daddy is Back (movie, 2016), In Our Prime (movie, 2022), Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election (movie, 2022), Hostage: Missing Celebrity (movie, action, 2021)P1H: The Beginning of a New World (movie, 2020), The Grotesque Mansion (movie, horror, 2021), The Labyrinth (movie, horror, 2021), Perhaps Love (2021), Pumpkin Time Love & Wish (movie, 2022, film version of a web drama), Her Bucket List (2022 - film version of the drama)
BL movies:
Behind Cut (BL movie, 2022), Color Rush 2 (BL movie, 2022) , Kissable Lips (BL Movie, film version of a web drama, 2021), Oh! Boarding House (BL Movie version of the web drama, 2022), Ocean Likes Me (BL Movie version of the web drama)

So you see, the number of titles is not the problem. It’s the content. I was grateful to be able to watch Ghost Doctor, Sh**ting Stars, From Now On, Showtime!. and If You Wish Upon Me. I’ve just finished Love is For Suckers (nothing to write home about) and I’m trying now Summer Strike. But looking for something else… it looks bleak! During all this search, I barely put 3-4 titles on my Watchlist, and most of them were movies.


I’ve been in that place, @brickout calls it :drum: :drum: :drum: drum roll!

So, check out that thread, and the :chipmunk: Squirrel thread.
PS: I’ve corrected the link above, it now goes to the Squirrel thread. I only link the current last post, but do scroll throught for a Squirrel of your choice.


I’m getting really tired of Viki. I, too, can’t stand those 8 ep web dramas,and I have no interest in the BL stuff. Save the money up and buy some REAL shows. I read about so many great new Korean dramas, but so few show up here. Where are the daily dramas? I love having to watch an ep with my morning coffee. Even NFLX seems to be focusing more on Chinese dramas than Korean. Cheaper licenses??

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That’s nothing new in a way and the reason why I kinda stopped watching Kshows on Viki (most of those that are interesting for me never were available).

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Netflix has more K shows than C shows in my region.


I think that the Kocowa ones which Kocowa keeps are not for sale. That’s why they are not included in “Plus”. And the same goes for Netflix shows which they show themselves and won’t sell to others - for obvious reasons.
These two alone take up most of the interesting new k-dramas available.


… and Disney+.
But it takes MONTHS before they then come out for us, preferably dubbed. Does that have to be? English subtitles are enough for me.
All the more annoying that even on Viki quite a few shows do not run in our region.


I’m in the US and there’s way more Kdramas than Cdramas on NF. What I have noticed is that they’ve gotten rid of a lot of Tdramas. The selection is much smaller than it was a few years ago.


I read elsewhere that the D+ shows that they release in Asia don’t all show up in the US. Some of them end up on Hu. and Am. P. Last I checked on 2 kdramas were available on D+ in the US.

Do you have FREEVEE? They have quite the variety in there, too. They have so many anime, Japanese dramas/movies, and Taiwanese dramas too. I mean the variety is amazingly great, but they do have a lot of oldies too that are a truly gem to watch.

Disney+ has turned very greedy, and offer so little lately that is very disappointing. It seems the stream sites are cutting cost and in the process we are getting ‘‘shortchanged’’ It’s sad bc in the end ppl. just leave and we all know what that leads to…:disappointed_relieved:

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Thanks for mentioning this. I haven’t heard of it before. I just found it in my Am. P. video app. Will have to check out what they have.

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I still think there should not be a difference for the volunteers. Now I have to watch some Kdrama elsewhere that is actually on Viki but I cannot watch it on Viki even though I’m a gold QC. Tried with VPN but then I get the error I need to have VikiPass plus and not standard. Also something I find very unfair. Volunteers should get the same benefits no matter where they are from. Difference between trainee, normal ang gold ok but other then that just stop being unfair.

I also have Prime which does offer some older Kdrama that is on Viki as well. But again they also offer some new kdrama I really want to watch on Prime but can’t due license restrictions.

So yes I want to watch things on Viki and Prime because I want to show my support in a way but these restrictions are blocking me from doing so simply because I’m not in the US.

Ohh and I hate the duplicates… like some have a “drama” and “movie” channel while it’s the exact same thing as in the movie is just cut into pieces to make it look like it is a drama. Stop that idiot behaviour Viki.