Mouse, 마우스 (with final thoughts: UPDATED)

Mouse’s episode 14 will give you hope then :broken_heart:

SPOILER: I remember these stills. gooooooooosseeeebumps!

Who else is watching? If you’re not…better watch it. It’s here on Viki!

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I am watching, first episode, and now gotta find out the answers to MY questions! and wasn’t there another drama like this some time ago?

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This is the first time I’ve this kind of drama. Binge watching crime-thrillers these days.

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Ive finally caught up with Mouse, thank you for recommending it to me in a different post.

This show is so intense and dark (which i love lol), and its definitely subject matter that Ive never seen before. The only thing is that the show is so stressful and these twists and turns are taking me for a ride, and I’m starting to get carsick. This is crazy! Would it even be possible for a hopeful ending? No possible way. I feel like I’m setting myself up for more heartbreak! Lee Seun Gi was an excellent casting because I just root for him whenever I see him.

Also, kudos to the talented child actors in this drama. They have been the most impressive.


@sa11 It’s worst than a roller-coaster ride :smile:

tvN even apologized for the late airing. I’m excited about the special episode to be aired this week according to this article

Yes! The child actorssssssss… Han Kook :sob:


thanks for the update

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Upon seeing this article ~ Lee Seung-gi starrer drama ‘Mouse’ to air post-finale special episode

I’m still contemplating if I am going to watch the special episode or not. In my 10+ years of watching, korean dramas, this is the only drama that I’ve seen with 3 or more special episodes haha What’s there to explain & the hidden story? Are 20 episodes not enough? :roll_eyes:

Finally, my thoughts:

  1. I noticed that he died Nov 2021. So in real time, this ending is the future. Is the alternative ending the real time ending?

  2. Some of the viewers doesn’t really care what the message of the story was. Most of us are looking for justice, revenge, victories etc etc. because these dramas are (sometimes) mirroring our lives. I find Mouse as another opening to what SK can do to the society. It’s a glimpse of what the future IF we are not kind to one another especially to our kids. Family is the foundation of a child’s future.

  3. Suicide is not the solution to everything. It’s a mortal SIN. Ji Eun is an example of an unforgiven soul. She thought that swapping BR to YH will bring her peace and getting away from HH. The writer showed to us that a lot of mothers were like her because of the society.

  4. All in all, it has a lot of physical story at the beginning, They supplied us a lot of vengeance to the killings, we want justice! Then when the story shifted to a much more emotional journey, we still wanted to be the police and kill JBR right away hehe The actors DID a great JOB. Kim Kang Hoon is more than a gem just like Nam Dae Rum. Being a psycho as role to this young guy needs a lot of withdrawal and counseling. These kids is the future of Korean Entertainment, I can’t wait to watch him in ‘Racket Boys’ :smiley:
    Even LSG needs to take a lot of break from this role. He’s exhausted but at the same time, he gained a lot of recognition from his work.

  5. Thank you for watching! 6.25% ratings nationwide! Source:

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