Movie channels needing help in subbing or transcribing

Yes I was thinking of putting the title as the link too, so we can do that !

And yes ! Let’s have it all on one page, I was also worried about the number tabs. I think putting a marker would be a good idea or maybe a color code ?
What do you think would be better ?

We can put both letters as I suggested and also colours as you say, good idea! So it will be immediately visible to the eye.
I also suggest keeping the list white (only the headers in colour) so that it will be easier for people who want to add their things. And only one cell for all moderators, because otherwise you oblige people into merging and not everyone wants to be bothered with too much work while there.
Waiting for your opinion, I added all the titles on my list.
For a drama it’s difficult to write the total sub percentage. It would have to be done episode by episode, and again, there are some episodes which are partly done… Maybe just put how many of the episodes are complete or almost complete? For example: 5/16 or 20/100. And decide that with “complete” we mean more than 80%.

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Yes you’re right better keep it white et one cell for moderator cause it’s true that it takes time to merge and all.

Yes I was thinking that we could put how many episodes are completed as you suggested and if many episodes are partially done we can also add it in the note section so that people would see that some work has been done even tho it says 0/50 or 1/16 for example.

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So it needs some more work to research each one of them. I can’t do more today, I have to leave, but I’ll be back tomorrow for that.

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I’ll try doing it a bit, but I don’t too much time neither today.
Also as you suggested, I think 80% is a good for “completed” !

Thank you for everything and see you tomorrow ~:)

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Hello everyone,
Just for your kind consideration and understanding that Good Job, Good Job channel:

It has hard subtitles.
The Team was working on completing the segmenting BUT it has lost its license so nothing the Team can do other than let it pass…
It’s now restricted to the Americas and Europe. You know our most active vikiers are from there. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for your attention on this specific project

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La Dolce Vita, the drama, was hard subbed completely in English. We segmented to match the hardsubs in case anyone wanted to sub to any other language. I think the viki license has expired as I am the CM but can no longer access it.

9 End 2 Outs is no longer accessible.

It seems that many of them aren’t accessible to either my region or your region. It would be nice if you or anybody else who is in your same part of the world (which cannot be mentioned!) could briefly visit the rest of those on the list, so that if they are completely inaccessible to everybody we could remove them. No point in poor newbie subbers going there full of hopes, only to leave disheartened.

@ aurelia_faust, it’s better if we wait until putting more work filling info for those titles that we cannot access. Let’s first find out whether anybody else can access them, otherwise we should remove them.

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I have bought a secure VPN, I can help with that while picking countries.
(No, I don’t plan to use it to volunteer)

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I tried with vpn on all those dramas, and all of them but one were not accessible in the “other” most important location which isn’t mine and yours.

Okay let’s wait then !
It’d be great if people could write on the drive wether the drama or movie is restricted in their area.
But if they are not accessible let’s take them away and put them on a new tap so that we know we checked them and they are not working (that way it’ll prevent the risk of doing the work twice and people would know these dramas lost their license)

I must be blind, but what Country-That-Must-Not-Be-Named are you talking about? (PM me or mail me if you can’t say).

(Feels like we’re talking about Lord Voldemort :joy: I’m enjoying it so far :grin:)

PS: it’s going to be complicated for new users to know the availability without clicking on each link / or the country in question without asking the CM and in all cases, the CM should know this info to be able to recruit.

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No country must be named, you know that.
Mine and yours are more or less known. The other big chunk of the world where most Ko-En volunteers come from (apart from Korea) … you know, right?

Scratching head:
(Can’t we name countries while not giving the title of the movie? I don’t know the title that remains anonymous :shushing_face:)

You mean that all the movies except 1 are not accessible worldwide?
Why are these titles kept in a list for recruitment if no one has access?
I haven’t understood sth here :hatching_chick:

Ooh you mean a list for “no-recruitment possible?”

We are listing the projects that are not completed yet, and we are still figuring out the areas where they might be accessible that’s why they are on the list. If it turns out they aren’t accessible anywhere we will remove them. ^^

I thought Irmar tried to pick most countries for the VPN and found out that it was not available for a major part of the world.
I think the list should be kept in case it’s not available worldwide so we know that it can’t be finished.

And the CM has the right to know the licensed regions (recruitment purpose), so if the CM can ask directly Viki, it would save us from trying VPN in 30-40 countries for each title.
Once the CM has the answer, he can inform us to let the title on the list or no (without telling us the countries).

(And if the CM is absent, 1 of the mods can ask for the team and have the information from Viki).

Yes we were thinking of creating a new tab where we will list the ones that aren’t accessible anywhere.
And yes we have to PM the CMs it’ll make our work way easier if we can know directly where it’s accessible or not.

It’s more clear! Thanks!

I only tried my country (in the normal way) and one other major country (with vpn).
However vpn is not 100% infallible. We need the feedback of someone who actually lives there in order to confirm.
As Aurelia said, we will obviously remove the ones who are not accessible to anybody. As we removed from this list here (and from the Google doc) the two that were pointed out by cgwm808 and marykarmelina.

  • To give more visibility to the list and get the answer, because we got to obtain confirmation from people that live in many countries and they got to come here, I think it would be easier to have directly answers from Viki.
    I think for this purpose, they could understand that we’re not planning to do something bad, but just trying to complete dramas and for that, we would need this info.

And of course, we won’t tell info like regions.
You could try to ask, who knows.

  • Making another list with ones that we can’t finish bec of restrictions would avoid new ppl taking some time to scroll down the topic to read the answers.
    And we can’t remember everything, at least, with this list, we’re sure that it’s written somewhere that we checked for these dramas or movies already and others won’t check a second time after you.
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